Mar 122017

             Way to Go -Regan

A young golfer who is the first out lesbian Filipino golfer will join the professional ranks this year after facing years of bullying because of her sexuality. Regan de Guzman will play the coveted competition after playing well in the 2016 LGPA Qualifying Tournament.

The 25-year-old is the fourth woman from the Philippines full LPGA Tour and is doing so at a remarkably young age.

‘It hasn’t really hit me that I made it to the LPGA,’ de Guzman said in a video.

‘I realised I have to keep working hard, I have to work harder than before because this is the longer road.

‘Everything really inspires me, everyone does.’

De Guzman recently graduated from San Jose State University in California where she had a full golf scholarship.

In her rookie year De Guzman will play a number of tournaments in the United States over the coming months.

The Talented Lesbian

Not content with being a prodigious golfer, De Guzman plays guitar, piano, billiards and is a certified scuba diver.

When she was 14 she gave up a promising gymnastics career after she felt she was missing out on her childhood.

Her grandfather, dad and mom all used to play golf and she was curious about the sport.

‘I fell in love with it and told my mom that I wanted to play in America. She said it was expensive and that I’d need to get an athletic scholarship.

‘Getting that scholarship became my mission and I accomplished it.’

She would like to use her position to empower young golf players in the Philippines and around the world.

De Guzman faced years of bullying because of her sexuality and believes her story of overcoming discrimination will be an inspiration to other young women.


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