Jan 022017

Rebecca Ferguson, a British singer, was runner up  in Britain’s X-Factor in 2010.  She was born on 21 July 1986, in Liverpool, England to a father of Jamaican descent and white British mother.  Rebecca has been asked to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Rebecca’s Conditions for Acceptance

She said she would accept on the c condition that she can perform a song called “Strange Fruit.”  This was a song that was black-listed particularly in southern U.S.A states.    The song is about the dark history of black lynchings.  It was at one time performed by Billy Holiday and it’s writer is poet Abel Meeropol.

Trump’s Decision on Rebecca’s Performance

Personally, I cannot see Trump accepting these conditions.  His fan base consists of many red-neck white supremacists who happily voted for Trump who made hateful comments about minorities: Afro-Americans, Mexicans, Immigrants, Muslims etc. etc.  Too many of these racists have taken to social media to make remarks about President Obama’s background, birth-certificate and outright ‘ape’ references to both the President and his wife, Michelle.

Personal Life

Rebecca is straight with two children by Karl and another child by a previous relationships.

The Lyrics to Strange Fruit.

Rebecca wrote that the song “speaks to all the disregarded and down trodden black people” in the US and if she can sing it she will “see [Mr Trump] in Washington”.

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