Feb 232016


  1. In 1996, a  21 year old man who claimed to have a bomb burst into a radio station in Wanganui, New Zealand, and demanded that the DJ play “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog. He wanted it played non-stop for 12 hrs to let people know “how he felt.”  He was arrested.

2. In February 2013, people looked up in Santo Antonio da Platina, Brazil to see thousands of large      spiders dangling from power/electricity lines.  It was mating time!

3.   Want to increase your sex drive or cure your asthma?  Try a local custom from people who live near the Andes Mountains in South America.  Take some fruit nectar, white bean juices, aloe vera, malt and stick a live frog into the pot or blender!   (Sorry Kermit).

4.   It would not have been a good idea for you to be travelling Interstate 95 in Stafford, Virginia on February 22, 2000.  There was a severe snow blizzard and there was a 117 car/truck pile up.  One person was killed and thirty-one people were injured.

5. Each year,  more than 7,000 people die world-wide due to their doctor’s bad handwriting! Yikes. (Doctors should be required to type or use a computer).

6.  Be careful playing ‘hide and seek’!   In 2013, a 14 year old boy died playing the game on the Texas Tech campus.  He wasn’t watching objects when he ran and impaled himself on the horns of a large bull statue.

7. Henry VIII married six wives:  married, divorced, died, married, divorced, survived!  However, many of his wives suffered miscarriages and there is a theory that King Henry suffered from a rare blood type called Kell positive.  This may have contributed to the miscarriages.

8.  Love or hate weddings?  You would have hated this wedding that took place in 2010, when an enthusiastic  groom fired an AK-47 rifle in the air.   He killed three family members!

9.  Driving Statistics USA:  In 2009, there were many traffic accidents that resulted in death.  There were 4,900 female drivers killed, but 11,900 males were killed in the same year.

10.  Sad Biological Facts state that 25% of earth’s animals are facing extinction, while 90% of large fish are already gone.  If things continue this way, half of our animals (50%) will be extinct within one hundred years.


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