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So, people went bankrupt because of me. They shouldn’t enter business if they can’t take risks! My words


Trump legally walked away from debts of small contractors and casual workers.  If he was a man of integrity, he would settle these old debts. paula.

Look,  I’ve said that as a Canadian, I should not get involved in American politics, but,  I started this blog three years ago with goals.   I would expose the hatred towards my LGBTI sisters and brothers.  For them, particularly in homophobic countries, I would provide information and celebrate the LGBTI community everywhere.  (In fact, I had an African lesbian contact me, and I was able to put her in touch with a gay advocate – now, she has community.).


I also reveal, what I consider to be, forms of injustice done to gays and straights.  We all have a “voice” or a computer to make a difference.   Lies and the constant telling of them, makes me want to blog, too.

Donald Trump:


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Referring to his own words, Donald Trump has degraded women, Mexicans, Muslims and his opposition.  No one should “call names” or degrade anyone.  As a contender for President, all Trump needed to do was to stick to facts.   When Trump states on television that he is a friend of the worker, I did investigations.


Trump has filed for bankruptcy on six occasions.   “USA Today,” a popular newspaper has given accounts of literary hundred of people who have taken Trump and his organization to court.  Most simply want want is due to them – UNPAID DEBTS.    “USA Today” spoke of one company that went bankrupt because Trump filed for bankruptcy and walked away.



It’s simple.    Someone works for you, say, building a deck or painting your home.  Suddenly, you and your partner lose jobs.  You inform the contractor that he/she will get paid.  One year later, both of you are working and you pay the contractor – maybe it is a little at a time – but that person worked hard and he/she may have a family to support   Why, oh, why – can’t Donald Trump do the same – when, he admits, “I am very, very rich.”   The law probably stands with Trump.  Donald has NO obligations by law to settle these debts.   He has an obligation as a decent human being to settle these debts.  If the people are no longer alive, then give it to their families.

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Is Trump serious in running for President.  Are these the morals he is willing to show America and the world?  Can his children and wife really stand behind him on such matters.   Will Americans vote for such a man?   Brexit was a result of British people feeling frustrated on the political arena, but in their anger and ignorance, many voted – and they “shot themselves in the foot.”  Now, the younger generation is cut off from working and living in 27 European Union Countries.


To Americans, I say, “Vote with your heart and conscience.”


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