Aug 302013

 LGBT Rainbow Flag Creator Responds to ‘New York Times’ Columnist Frank Bruni, as follows:-

Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag and a member of Queer Nation made the following statement to New York Times columnist Frank Bruni: “Olympic flag waving gave a stamp of approval to Nazi atrocities in 1936. Please don’t use the Rainbow Flag to cover up Russian atrocities in 2014. The Rainbow Flag is the international symbol of LGBT freedom — it is not an endorsement of repression.”tildaswinton


Paula’s comments:   While I would prefer that athletes and the IOC hoycott the Russian Olympics, this in all probability will NOT happen.  I am not sure I totally understand Gilbert Baker’s remarks.   Is he saying, that if the Olympics are held, he does not want to see the Rainbow Flag flown or shown in Russia and/or the Olympic Games in Sochi?

I feel that although Gilbert Baker created the flag, it belongs to all of us.  I base my opinion on the fact that in countries with oppression and homophobia against LGBT persons, it is the flag that they hold up – strong, defiant and proud!!!  It is an international symbol, and therefore belongs to the world.

Secondly, the flag must be flown in Russia and seen on television and on the street.  There are our gay brothers and sisters in Russia that need to see that flag flown by international althletes and their supporters of human rights.



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