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th-7 Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Spewed on Twitter by Cowardly Anonomyous Persons

The problem with anonymity on-line is that it gives a platform for people with a political or religious agenda to abuse others.  Recently, a map was created by geography students at Humboldt State University in California.   Tweeters locations were identified by geocoded methods.  The students looked for key words that would identify the tweeter as a racist, homophobic or anti-disability person.

The outcome pointed to  areas where the majority of hateful tweets were coming..

Geographic Areas                                                      Largest Number of Tweeter and topic

*Border of Oklahoma and Texas………                        homophobic tweets

*Empty spaces of western Indiana                               racist tweets

*North Dakota                                                                      racist tweets

*State wide there are more homophobic than racits tweets.  The survey was not concerned with sexist terms or offensive terms used towards the mentally challenged.

Hatred through Internet Anonymity is Rampant World Wideth-5

Here are some examples from Europe where Twitters were not interested in any form of dialogue with their “enemies.”   There is a group of anarchist hackers by the name of “Anonymous.”  On Holocaust Remembrance Day they tried to takedown a Jewish Website that is Israel’s Holocaust Museum. ( Yad Vashem.)

In France, an individual or individuals named their tweet  “#unbonjuif, this translates as “a good Jew” with the reference to “a good Jew is a dad Jew.”

The Union of French Students sued Twitter in 2012 and demanded that they provide names of those tweeting out vile anti-semitic content.  Since Twitter is based in the USA, it claimed the First Amendment  law of free speech.  It seems that the First Amendment provides Twitter with an open forum and states basically, if there is no threat of immediate violence, it’s fair game.   What is immediate violence and how is violence determined?  If a twitter inflames a person to even shout abusive slurs this is a type of violence!

Here is an example of hate and its impact on a country.  This not related to Twitter but it serves as a good example.  Five Evangelical ministers from the USA gave workshops in Uganda on the impact of homosexuality on family values.  The President of Uganda’s wife was a personal friend of one of these ministers, Rick Warren.  The workshops were attended by government politicians, government workers, teachers, police and “Christian” ministers and congregations. (The latter is often funded by American Evangelicals.  The impact of this “FREE SPEECH”?  The Rev. Scott Lively has written hateful brochures, videos and has visited many countries as a “missionary.”  These hateful productions has scared so many people that he is conveniently “INVITED” by governments or CHRISTIAN Churches, many of which he personally funds.   Now he can lie to the media.  “I did not go there to give anti-homosexual workshops, I WAS INVITED.

Within weeks and months of these workshops, the following happened in Uganda. Scott Lively was one of the ministers invited by the Uganda government.  The wife of the President is known to be a conservative homophobic, therefore, a person with influence.

*Member of Parliament introduced a bill to hang homosexuals caught in sex acts.

*A newspaper, Rolling Stone,  had the headline, “Hang Homosexuals” and posted

over one hundred pictures of homosexuals, one of them was David Kato._50980457_011125809-1

  • David Kato was murdered in the daytime in his home.  Police did not name it as a hate crime.  Even when David was being laid to rest – ministers came and spoke against him and “the sins of homosexuality.”  This harassment was at this funeral and within hearing distance of his family and friends.

Amnesty International and other groups put pressure on the Uganda government to stop the printing and pictures of homosexuals.


Why isn’t the Rev. Lively addressing the poverty in Uganda or the violence against women there?

It is ironic that one of the ministers involved in the workshops is Rev.Scot Lively seen in this picture standing behind a cross of Jesus.

The Carpenter from Galilee preached love and forgiveness.  His sermon on the Mount stated clearly, “Blessed are the Peace Makers.”  Jesus never mentioned homosexuals.  But, he did make the Samaritans the most despised and “unclean” and “unnatural” the hero of his Parable “The Good Samaritan, ” and he drink from the cup of a Samaritan woman.   How Lively can carry out a ministry of hatred in the name of Jesus is beyond my understanding.  He claims the Fifth Amendment for free speech (even if it is hatred and inflammatory speech against homosexuals) but when confronted by the free speech of homosexuals, he claims that he is under attack by “Fascists” and uses ugly names to label is opponents.  Jesus also said, “By your fruits, shall ye be known.”   Lively is producing rotten fruit formed in hatred.  His fruits, visiting countries and speaking about homosexuals destroying families and family values.  As if homosexuals do not have the same fundamental values praised by societies world-wide.   His “fruits” are in writing.  He is the author of “The Pink Swastika: homosexuality in the Nazi Party.”  His organization “Abiding Truth Ministries” is telling lies about homosexuals in the Nazi parties.  Homosexuals were rounded up.  There are countless examples of homosexuals being exterminated by the “hatred of the Nazis.”  Yet, Lively is calling homosexuals “Nazis.”  Jesus was the way, the truth, and the light.   Lively’s truth is Satan’s truth; Satan being the “Father of Lies.”

Jesus also warned, “Woe to those who hurt these little ones (children or the downtrodden or most vulnerable) it would be better that that person put a stone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea.”   Jesus ‘freed’ people by love.  What is the gay agenda that he is constantly fear mongering about?  Homosexuals want love and companionship like anyone else.  If they were afford steady and recognizable marriages, or civil unions, they would not be secretly looking for companionship or sex.  If dignity was granted to homosexuals, they would take it and run with it.   Put fear into people’s lives, harass them and they go “underground” and try to find love wherever they can.

Scott Lively, I hope I live long enough for the legal system to imprison you for your hate crimes.   You should be brought to the Hague for crimes against  humanity.  You are evil, vicious and working against Jesus.  May God have mercy on your soul.



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