Jul 112016


Source: Toronto Tourism.


-Why do French Canadians have different accent from other Canadians?

-How do I apply for a Canadian Express Card?

-What’s this Boxing Day in Toronto? Do people actually box?

-Can I take the subway from Toronto to Vancouver? (distance is

3,364 km= 2,090 miles)Unknown-8 Unknown-7

-Can we walk from Toronto to Montreal?

Phone call:

Caller: How far is Toronto from Boston?

Agent: About 900 km or 565 miles.

Caller: So if I drive using miles, it won’t take me as long to get there? Is that what you are saying?

Source: Check-in, Nova Scotia.


Are you connected to Greenland?   (There is a place called Greenland in N.S)

-Can you tell me about the ferry from Halifax to Europe?

-Does Nova Scotia have a dress code?


Source: Information Kiosk, Niagara Falls


Is the water coming over the falls real?

-From a tourist who had looked at the Falls at night – “What kind of dye do you put in the water to make it change colors like that?”

-Are the CN Tower and SkyDome within walking distance. (72 miles or 129 km).

What time do you turn on the rainbow?

How can I parachute over the Falls?

Today is July 1st, why do Canadians have fireworks tonight? The 4th of July is a few days away. P.(July 1st is Canada Day).



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