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I have always loved the beat of reggae because it makes me happy.  Today, I came across an article where Jamaican singer Queen Ifrica says reggae singers use homophobic lyrics to get cheers and applause from audiences.  I could not believe it!  Talk about the thirty pieces of silver (Judas sold Jesus to the authorities).  These people would betray their own Jamaican country men and women for popularity – to gain money from records and concerts.  Tell me that people don’t stoop that low.

Jamaican singer Queen Ifrica says reggae singers use homophobic lyrics to get cheers and applause from audiences

Ventrice Morgan, who goes by the stage name of Queen Ifrica, says such lyrics are only about getting a reaction from the crowd and not about inciting violence or hatred. Does she really believe these words?  Does she have gay/lesbian family members?  Is she aware of the murders of LGBT members in Jamaica.  Is she ‘selling her soul’ for money and fame?

‘A lot of these artists who were using homophobic lyrics, were never about inciting violence,’ she says.‘It was about getting a forward – an applause – from the crowd.’

She also claims that gay people in the crowd enjoy the anti-gay slurs.  (Now, how does she know this?  Are there men so effeminate that they stand out or wear rainbow shirts?  Do they rush over to the stage and say “You make being gay so much fun!”  Who enjoys a slur?

Look Queen Ifrica I’ve Got Ideas for YOU!

Now, I’d like to add that if performers are not connecting with the audience, I feel that this is the fault of the artist.  However, since you and others are willing to stoop so low and like to pick on victims, I’m adding more ideas for your lack of humanity.

O.K Queen I – let’s vary the act. How about some ‘cripple’ jokes? Did the joke about the bald lady who went to chemotherapy?ear the  Or “Your momma was so beaten up by your daddy that she……” or “What do you say to your sister after having sex with her sex?” or The bag lady was so poor that she…..”     or What did the cop said to the rape victim?
Queen Ifrica, to improve your popularity at the expense of another is cruel, unChristian, and sad. After performances, you and other artists – walk to the bank and somewhere a gay man or lesbian is being raped or beaten.   Can you be sure that you homophobic lyrics did not influence such violence.?

The Queen Speaks, but Lyrics Can Rule!

‘A lot of artists would perform on stage and if they weren’t getting a response, they’d turn to that medium because they knew that it would get a reaction. And a lot of the time, some of the people applauding in the audience were homosexuals themselves!

‘If you really study the culture of Jamaica, you’ll understand that this is long how we’ve gone about approaching this issue,’ she told The Voice.

The World is NOT Jamaica.

Ifrica made headlines in 2014 when she was cut from an US concert because of her homophobic lyrics. In May 2014, 200 campaigners protested outside the Amazura concert hall in Queens, New York until the manager of the concert announced she was cut from the bill.

The Name Blame

I think that Queen Ifrica would be appalled if she was to be called a bully.  Bullies take advantage of their victims; they know that they can intimidate and belittle victims with jokes and physical acts.  Another trait of a bully is that when caught, they blame others or state “Well, I am not the only one picking on Johnnie.”   And true to form the singer blames deep-rooted religion in Jamaica as the reason for rife homophobia.

Raised on the Bible – When Queen I – You Learned Nothing!

Queen Ifrica: ‘Jamaica is known as a very religious island. We’re known to have more churches per square mile than any other country – which speaks as to where we are with religion. We were raised – using the Bible – to believe that homosexuality is wrong,’ says Ifrica.    Too bad, Queen Ifrica that you forgot the words of Jesus: “Do not judge,” and “Love one another.”

Ignorance and Fear Spread Violence

As long as the government of Jamaica allows American born evangelicals to spread their hatred of homosexuals, then nothing is going to change.  We need “true” Christians to take on these preachers of hate.  Jamaica needs to have more coverage of homosexuality. For example, would Jamaicans know that sixty of the world’s most learned scientists wrote an open letter to Pres. Museveni of Uganda.  They state that “Homosexuality is not a disease, not a mental illness and not a perversion (as in the Bible).  It cannot be reversed, hence people are born straight or homosexual or bi-sexual or trans.”

School curriculums need to separate themselves from religion and “educate.”  it takes courage to take on these “evangelical hate mongers.”   paula.


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