Aug 242013

images-6Putin & Patriarch Krill,  are, in my opinion, ant-Christian persons.  If God is love, and we are to love one another, this recent Russian legislation against Gays is contradictory to be Christian.  The Russian Minister of Sports declared that children should be protected against alcohol, drugs and ‘non-traditional’ sex.  I claim that not educating children on these issues leads to ignorance and intolerance and hatred.

Why I Think Putin, Kirill and Sports Minister are Wrong!

Let me tell you as an educator, the worse thing that you can do is not educate teens about these three issues.  Children see alcohol abuse in all societies.  Not to educate about drugs leads to brain damage and death.  Traditional sex educate protects against transmitted sexual diseases and pregnancy.  And teaching about non-traditional sex is a FAMILY VALUE.  Yes, family values are love, honesty, truth, diversity-looking, and tolerance.  The gay or lesbian child is often and frequently identifiable in schools, home and society.  The child becomes a teen. Gay children and teens are bullied world-wide and many, many, many commit suicide.  Education is a FAMILY VALUE and a SOCIETY VALUE.  No political or religious group has the right to deny educational rights to a children or teens.  Education for tolerance makes for a better society in every country.

Why is it that some religions and some religious people are so un-Christ like?

God is love.  Love is education and tolerance for all.  Jesus said, “love one another” not just majorities.  And in the Story of the Good Samaritan (Samaritans being the most ‘unclean’ and ‘sinful’ and hated), Jesus raised the Samaritan above the priests of His day.  And Jesus also said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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