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You are a beautiful lesbian, in great demand, and single for summer time fun in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  You have timed your holiday vacation to coincide with the town’s Single Women’s Weekend.  This usually takes place on the third weekend in May. Someone or a few ‘hot’ girls are probably making their way by boat or road, probably from Boston, or any city within range.

Maybe, you want to remain single and just do some group activities. You sign up for dune tours, group dinners, dancing and comedy shows. Walk down to local bike rental shops and get a ‘set of wheels.’

Memorial Day Weekend is affectionately called “Baby Dyke Weekend” in Provincetown.  College lesbians head out for drinking and partying.  The weather is great, so party or mellow out.

Women of Color and Allies are celebrated during the first weekend in June.  Catch a fun weekend filled with comedy shows.  Celebrities – Karen Williams and Mimi Gonzalez performed in 2012.  Wander around and take part in workshops or wait until night and dance under the stars.  Munch your way trough soul food and jazz brunches.  You do not have to be a woman of color to visit, just be a person who loves all the lezzie sisters.

Mid-Summer has a “Girl Splash” and be prepared to meet lesbians from America, Canada, European and other parts of the world.  Want the thrill of an all-women’s whale watch.  Do you have some talents of your own?  Girl Splash Idol, (American Idol type contest) has a spot just waiting for you.   After the contest, try a beach party or clam bakes.

Married or Partnered with Kids:  Try Family Pride Weekend

There are lots of beaches to build sandcastles and other parents waiting to make friends.  There are all the aforementioned activities, modified for kids, plus a big family dance for all.  Take your kids on kayak rentals trips.  The 4,000 year round residents increase to over 60,000 in summer.

Provincetown was my ‘coming out’ place.   A friend bought “Rubyfruit Jungle” for me and I gave her “Cris and Meg at Carnegie Hall.”

I have fond memories of this town.  Years later, I honeymooned in Provincetown.  No, I didn’t meet my wife there, but we sure enjoyed our honeymoon.


P.S. I forgot to mention getting married in Provincetown. Since 2004, same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts, and Provincetown is a natural setting for many of those marriages. People still flock here to get married on the beach, on the steps of town hall, or in one of many beautiful inns in town.

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