Jan 082017

The USA is looking at the incoming President, Donald Trump, to keep his election promises of bringing jobs back to America. He admonished American companies that made good overseas and called them economic pariahs that siphoned off jobs better left at home.

Where Does Ivanka Trump Make Her Products?

Please dont double-over with laughter, but Ivanka, like her father makes the majority of her products overseas.

In December 2016, Ivanka was in the process of moving her shoe company from China to Ethiopia. Does she feel empathy for the poor of this African country or is it simply economics and profit?

Moving the Shoe Company to Ethiopia

According to the media, Ivankas manager in China stated that the move to Ethiopia is motivated by profit. He stated that Ivanka can gain in the move in that she will be able to employ 5 Ethopians for the price of 1 Chinese worker.

Ethiopia is also one of the world’s poorest countries. The country’s per capita income –$550

The average annual household income in China, converted to dollars, was $10,220


Promises, Promises, Promises

Trump Tower New York Home

Trump Florida home

Meanwhile, back at Trump Tower, Donald Trump is making more promises. He is promising to investigate the hacking by the Russians during the Presidential election. Now, maybe – just maybe hell keep that promise! However, we have to wait for another promise that he made regarding his tax returns. He promised to release them if he was elected President.

Backing Down- Broken Promises

Here are some broken or back-down promises:

  1. to jail Hillary Clinton (not going to happen)
  2. to build a tall wall (well, maybe a fence of some kind)
  3. to round up 11 million illegal immigrants (like to see this happen)

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