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You have seen it on television, there is a drug, let’s pretend it is called XXZZYY, and its manufacturers claim that it will do marvellous things to help a person with a specific disease or ailment. The television commercial shows a person suffering and then they take XXZZYY.


Immediately, they start to dance, jog or run through fields of daisies. Wow, you think – I have that complaint and I’m gonna me get some XXZZYY.

But wait, put down that coat and take off those shoes – sit down and watch the small print or a person who states the following (Remember I am exaggerating just for purposes of humour).


Here is what you have to weigh in the balance of taking XXZZYY and it’s side effects: The very pleasant voice tells you: Do not take XXZZYY if the have the following conditions or might expect these conditions in the future:

 Let’s just have some fun – and add our own warnings……

drugs*Do not take XXZZYY if you might have a heart attack in the future

* Do not take XXZZYY if you likely to suffer the emotional stress of a divorce or possible relationship breakup

  • Do not take XXZZYY if you are in a war zone and there is the chance that you might be injured by a bullet, landmine or mustard gas. Stress can increase cases of diarrhea.
  • Do not take XXZZYY if you get lost in a wilderness situation and your body is without food or water for more than one week.
  • drugs
  • Do not take XXZZYY if you have been driving a car for more than an hour.
  • Do not take XXZZYY if you are watching a horror movie alone at home!
  • drugs


Well, I hope this article has at least made you smile –

Remember smiling takes less muscles in your face than frowning!

“Live, laugh, love and be happy!” (song line).



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