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born this way

born this way

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Do you fully realize how unique you are?  At birth you were created like no one else (unless you are a twin and even then, there are differences.)  No one else before you or after you will be like you.  Surely, such differences within the human race is call for celebration?  Not so.

As we grow up, there are pressures on us to be different from the person we truly are.  Whether it is our family, school, church or society as a whole, we are often pressurized to be someone formed in their ‘image.’   Many of us lose our true self and conform.  This results in a little (or big) part of us dying and we know that we are living a lie.  Walt Disney tackled the problem with this quote,

“The more you are like yourself, the more you will like yourself.”

There has to be some conforming that allows us to interact with others, to learn the guidelines of acceptable social behaviour and to learn self-discipline.  Beyond that YOU are your own person.  NO-ONE walks through life,  like you, smiles like you, and acts and thinks like you do.  It is my personal opinion, that each one of us has a mission in life.  My mission is to love God, love my neighbour and love myself.  Your mission may be different.  What we need to do is to love and cherish ourselves so that day-to-day living becomes meaningful.  Hardships will come our way, but our life is meant to provide us FREE delights.  FREE?  YES, like taking time to value a sunset, to enjoy a hug, to sing and to dance.   We need to laugh every day – we will live longer.

Some one told me that everyone is placed somewhere on the line of the human race.  Wherever we are, if we look ahead of us, there will be people who look more beautiful, have more riches and fame than we do.  However, if we look behind us, there is a LARGER line of people – They have no food, clothing or shelter.  They may be persecuted, beaten and humiliated just for being who they are!

There are two words that came to me when I was visiting India and came upon a dwelling.  It consisted of a blue tarp sheet strung over some poles and mats on the floor.  It was located on the pavement (sidewalk) of a dusty street with traffic and animals walking past.  A naked child sat on a mat in front of a large white bucket of water.  The water was for their cooking, showering and general use.  The two words came to be as I observed this home from a taxi – ATTITUDE and GRATITUDE.

Thank you for visiting this site.   Hugs,  Paula.

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