Mar 142015

Unknown Unknown-9Everyone on this planet is in a process of growth!  It is handy to have a list to see where we are – and what other qualities we may need to work on or to acquire.  We are never finished, if we think we are, then we are pompous with a lack of reality!  We can’t acquire all of these – unless we are ‘saints’ and saints are humans!  There maybe a couple that can make us happier.  Some if we brush up on them or acquire them may help us work better with our partner, family or work mates.

Adding some to our lives, may help us to make a difference to the world.  The Chinese have a saying, “A life not examined, is a life not worth living!”

Here are the qualities – I am sure you have many of them.   paula.

adventurous alert-   ambitious – aspiring– athletic or active

calm – candid caring charitablecheerful considerate completes tasks – constructive -cooperativecourteouscreative

decisive -delightful –determined devoted diligent disciplined dynamic

educated –energetic enterprising  enthusiastic – entrepreneurial

faith in life, in others – flexibleforgiving friendly focused

-generous– gentle – graceful and gracious  –hardworking – helpful –high goals- honest- hopeful humble

insightful – intelligent -involved -joyful – just – kind – leadership loyal

mature -motivated –  mindful –  non-gossiper –objective – open-minded- organized

optimistic – patientpeacefulperseveres- polite –punctual – realistic – respectful of others point of viewright attitude – risk-taker-responsible -seeks improvement sees the whole picture -self-confident -self-giving -selfless -self-reliant-

sense of humoursense of wonder -sensitive- serious when necessary -sincere– spiritual – strong –sympathetic-

trustful – tolerant – unselfish – unpretentious wise –

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