Sep 042013

article-0-1B7BE7BA000005DC-368_634x895The world’s most celebrated married lesbians, ellen and Portia, are taking a short break from one another.  Stunned?  No, you don’t need to be.  Portia is filming in her native Australia.  Seen filming in location in Melbourne, Portia is near enough to her home in Horsham to drop in and visit her family.

It is hard not to recognize the stunning platinum blond with her sleek shorter hairstyle.  Whether it up yonder (USA – I made that word up) or down under, Portia wears her stilettos as part of her natural wardrobe.

Portia, who changed her name in Australia from Amanda Lee Rogers, got her first Aussie break in 1993 in the production of “Sirens” before moving to Hollywood.  Most of us remember Portia for her role of Lindsay Bluth Funke in “Arrested Development,” and lawyer, Nelle Porter, on Ally McBeal. She played Oliva Lord on Nip/Tuck.  I really liked her role as Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy on the television show, “America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story.”

Portia’s new movie is called, “Now Add Honey,” has been dubbed an “an uplifting comedy.”  One critic wrote that it is what happens “when you catch a falling star and put her in the spare room.”  The script was written by Robyn Butler. Portia plays the role of Beth Morgan, the mother of Hollywood celebrity teen Honey Halloway.  Robyn Butler plays Beth.

“Now Add Honey,”  will be seen by mixed audiences, as should represent an actress of her talents and good looks.  You can bet there will be recognizable lesbians eating popcorn, sipping drinks and cuddling next to their girl friends.  I know I will go to this movie with my wife.   Missing ellen, maybe you’d like to read my story, “Jo of the Outback,.”  I’ve got to get a break sometime!  paula.

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