Aug 272013

_69502085_69502084-2Sri Lankan police in a breeding program for dogs, ‘married’ them before a ‘honeymoon.’ This fun or outrageous act is being debated by residents of the country.

Was it fun, or was it mocking a religion(s)?   Police who work with ‘sniffer’ (rescue) dogs married them off – male to female canines.  The dogs are part of a breeding program. The dogs imported from the Netherlands have cost the government 70 million rupees or

($526,000 U.S or £339,000 English pounds).  It is an expensive dog breeding program,, but essential in an area of the world that witnessed the devastating tsumani

Nine pairs of doge were escorted by police for the “marriage” ceremony.  Now, I personally worried that right-wing Christians will lie and write comments and articles stating that ‘

“homosexuals marry dogs in Sri-Lanka.”

“This did not in anyway resemble a poruwa and was simply placed there for the photo opportunity,” the police said in the statement.  A Poruwa ceremony is a traditional Sinhalese wedding ceremony with Buddhist influences.

Culture and Arts Minister TB Ekananayake said the ceremony undermined traditional wedding rituals and should be strongly condemned. He called for an investigation into the incident. A decorated platform is used for traditional nuptials by the Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhalese Buddhists.

Police have apologised for any offence caused to cultural and religious sensibilities – Sri Lanka is 75% ethnic Sinhalese and Buddhist.

Constables served milk rice and cake to about 1,000 guests at the specially decorated venue where the ceremony was held.

The dog couples were driven off by police van to the hill resort of Nuwara Eliya for their “honeymoon”.

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