Feb 212015

Sunshine In Her Soul


I knew a girl
with eyes always set on the next mile aheadimages-7
and a heart longing for oceans she had never seen
there was sand in her half brushed hair
she always had happiness flooding from her pores
just in hope that if she showed compassion toward a callous world,
humanity may follow
but I only saw this smile at peak hours of the day
the closer the sun got to setting, the more distant she got
so at night time, there was no trace of her
or the happiness she brought to anyone that was lucky enough to know her
its because she had a vagabond soul
and each morning I met her, it was a disguised blessing
because I never knew if yesterday would be the last time I saw her
I remember her always talking about one day leaving and never coming back
to explore new beaches and chase cloudless skies
it’s been months now that I haven’t seen her radiant smile
and I fear she just may have followed her heart…

each morning I wake to bright rays through my window
and I think of that girl and the warmth she brought to this cold exterior
I am illuminated to an extent of a mere moment consisting of seconds, evolving to eternity
and in her absence, this is enough.. this has to be enough.

maybe we will meet again
at summer solstice, while the day is long enough for her to come out of hiding
or maybe she is traveling from the east to the west
her perpetual gaze chasing the sun above
for she had sunshine in her soul

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