Jun 132016

Dear Mr. Trump:

I am pleading with you NOT to make political mileage out of the Orlando massacre.

This was an American born Muslim, who chose to join ISIS. There are 99.9% great American Muslims who are our surgeons, doctors, scientists, dentists, lawyers, etc.

These people would never become radicalized.   On the world level, less than 0.001% of Muslims have committed terrorist crimes.

You claim to believe in the Bible.

Here is what Jesus wrote

What does it profit a man

if he gains the whole world

and suffers the loss of his soul.”


Mr. Trump you have achieved more than 99% of people of this earth could aspire to – you are a billionaire. I know that you have done charitable work. Please don’t loose your soul.

Again, Jesus said,

“Blessed are the peacemakers,

For they shall see God.”

The above quote does not mean that the USA should not go to war, or that the Homeland Security should not ferret out ALL EXTREMISTS. What I am asking is that you do not stir the pot so that Muslims become victims of rhetorical hate.  We should be calling on good Muslims to join us in the fight against extremists.  Remember many of them have fled from ISIS, the Taliban and other extremists.  They want peace – just as much as their fellow Americans!!!!

You can make rhetoric hatred get you closer to the Presidency or you can come out bravely against the NRA and its refusal to rule out Army type automatic weapons.  If this murderer had only a handgun, he would probably not have killed and wounded so many. There is a noticeable trend (world wide) that males need to prove their masculinity (and prove that they are straight) by going to war, finding religious courses, and more important THEIR LOVE OF GUNS.  Love must overcome hate.  Love must overcome guns!  Again, keep small firearms as part of the Constitution but ban OUTRIGHT automatic army weapons.  They will only lead to more mass shootings.!

J.F Kennedy wrote a book, “Profiles in Courage.”   In this book people stood up against great odds.   History will record them as courageous. You may ask but who are they – why wouldn’t most Americans know them.

At the trail of Thomas More (time of Henry VIII), a man called Richard Rich was awarded a high rank in Wales to convict More.  To do this, Rich would have to lie.  Thomas quietly asked him not to perjure his soul against him. (True story).

Rich looked at the medal around his neck and said, “Without this, who will know me!” Thomas More replied, “You will know you and God will know you.” More then added, “Not a bad audience, Mr. Rich.”

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