May 032015

Cyndi Lauper and Scott WooledgeWhen Memories Pizza in Indiana stated in April 2015 that it would never cater for a same-sex marriage, many people were stunned by this Anti-Christian catering establishment.

It certainly was not reflective of the Jesus who walked the earth loving people like Samaritans, who were the most despised of his day.
It is inevitable that whenever hatred raises its ugly head, someone steps in to humiliate and expose it.  The man that came froth was activist Scott Wooledge, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.   The homophobic pizza owners were rewarded for their hatred and received $864,000 “pieces of silver” for their betrayal of Jesus and his call for all of us to “love one another.”  Whether Memories Pizza will keep the money or donate it to charity is unknown.  Scott Wooledge decided that he would raise a Pizza4Equality campaign and donate it to a good cause known as True Colors.
True Colors

True Colors is the charity launched by singer Cyndi Lauper – who herself experienced a period of homelessness during her teenage years.  Cyndi has spoken about statistics associated to young people on the streets.  It is estimated that up to 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTI, which is disproportionate when you consider that LGBTI persons are supposed to be 3-10% of the  total population.

Cyndi Lauper Activist for LGBTI Youth

Unknown-6 Unknown-8Cynthia Ann Stephanie “Cyndi” Lauper is an American singer, songwriter, actress and LGBT activist. Her career has spanned over 30 years.  She is married to David Thornton and have one child.  She is known for many songs but here are a few you might remember or know: True Colors, Time After Time,  She Bop,  Girls Just Want to Have Fun. 

May 1st, 2015, Lauper appeared at the US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C, to speak about the plight facing LGBTI youth, Wooledge met up with her and True Colors’ Executive Director, Gregory Lewis, to hand over a check for $160,000.

Singer and gay icon Cyndi Lauper fielded questions regarding youth homelessness during a Senate subcommittee meeting on Capitol Hill on Wednesday reports The New York TimesLauper discussed efforts to alleviate homelessness among LGBT youth, which make up 40 percent of all homeless children according to the True Colors Fund, by addressing contributing factors that lead to LGBT homelessness such as discriminatory shelters that turn away youth based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Senator Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) posed a potential, partial solution by re-introducing nondiscrimination policies that shelters who receive federal aid must adhere to. One such nondiscrimination policy was included with a bill to reauthorize the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act that expired back in 2013; the bill fell four votes short of the 60-vote threshold for passage.

Lauper, who co-founded the True Colors Fund to address youth homelessness after experiencing homelessness herself, confronted Collins on when the senator would attempt another pass at the measure. Collins was unable to confirm when another attempt would occur, but Lauper pressed for another solution asking, “Then what should we do?”

Wonderful Scott Wooledge

Although the initial aim of the campaign was to try and match the $800,000 raised for Memories Pizza, Wooledge said that he was still delighted that the $160,000 raised by #Pizza4Equality would help the lives of many young LGBTI people.

‘I am very proud of what was accomplished in less than a month,’ he said in a statement. ‘I am glad we were able to make a giant statement of love and support for our most vulnerable youth. The takeaway for me is these online organizing tools are tremendously empowering.

‘Beyond the issue of marriage equality, I see a big appetite for the more tertiary issues of the LGBT movement, like caring for our youth.’

Wooledge told Gay Star Business that although he set up #Pizza4Equality as a reaction to the money raised for Memories Pizza, ‘I hoped my campaign would focus on a value that every American can agree on: Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. ’

‘The True Colors Fund is deeply grateful to Scott Wooledge for creating the #Pizza4Equality campaign and the over 4,200 people who made generous donations,’ added Gregory Lewis.

‘It is truly inspiring how Scott provided an empowering opportunity for so many people to show their support for the up to 40% of homeless youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in America.’



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