May 312015

Put a Pink Dot on your laptop – coffee cup – or on your bathroom mirror.  This is to remind you that you are in solidarity with your rainbow brothers and sisters world-wide.

May 31, 2015 – 3,000 beautiful and proud people held a Pink Dot Rally in Taipei.  Imagine the smiles, but also imagine the concerned look on faces that know that if you are a gay man in Singapore and you are caught loving another man – you have committed a crime.  Can you imagine – a crime of loving another human!!!  And Singapore is a leading cultural centre of science and technology – yet, so backward on this issue.  paula.

Pink Dot TW in Taipei

Photo: Facebook/Pink Dot TW

The proud Taiwanese adopted the same words or theme as the original even in Singapore – Freedom to Love.  They marched, danced and sang and hugged one another in Huashan Creative Park in Taipei.

I wish to congratulate you all – I know marriage equality is on the minds of you all and the politicians.  Ireland hopefully gave you encouragement.

Students – Awakening the Consciousness of the Masses

The rally was organized by Gay & Lesbian Awakening Day (GLAD)  a LGBT group comprising students from a dozen universities in northern Taiwan.  The concert and rally is the FOURTH Pink Dot even to be held in Taiwan.  Just an observation, I am enclosing a picture of two lesbians who were married by a female Buddhist priest in Taiwan.  I just love this picture and it will happen in time for you all – if you wish to marry.

Buddhist Wedding in Taipei

Buddhist Wedding in Taipei

Taipei – We are Cheering You

You may not know this, but Taipei has the largest gay pride parade in Asia with over 50,000 attendees each year.  Wow!

Coming to Singapore in June, 2015

If you can be in beautiful Singapore on 13th June, 2015, find out when the next Pink Dot parade is being held.  Why not take a holiday or vacation at this time and swell(add to  the numbers)?



Pink Dot events have also been held in Hong Kong, Okinawa (Japan), Montreal and Toronto (Canada),  Utah (US) and other cities.

Pink Dot will held in Singapore on June 13. A first-of-its-kind LGBT students’ network comprising representatives from five LGBT groups from three universities will be officially launched at the event.


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