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Thank you for visiting my site.  I am a Canadian, but at the moment I am in Australia.  While Canada is going into winter with lots of snow soon to arrive, Australia is going into summer with lovely hot weather.

Do You Like to Travel to New Places?

Perhaps, you have travelled with your family.  If you haven’t there is still plenty of time to see this fantastic world.   I like to travel and look after people’s pets when they go on holidays.  Just a week ago, I was looking after two greyhounds.  They are fascinating big dogs with gentle natures.

Fast Runners

This is Dash, she is a Whippet or smaller greyhound

This is Dash, she is a Whippet or smaller greyhound

This is Pippa and she is nearly 2 years old

This is Pippa and she is nearly 2 years old

This is Charlie and he is 8 1/2 years old.

This is Charlie and he is 8 1/2 years old.

Let me introduce you to Charlie who used to run races and to Pippa.  Charlie is 8 1/2 years old and Pippa is less than 2 years old.  When I took them for their first walk it was a fenced in area.  I was just amazed at how fast they can run.   I was told by their owners to stand still when they came back to you.  Have you seen how a bowling ball can knock down pins?  Well, just think of a bowling ball on four legs running towards you and you are a pin.

How Fast are They?

Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.  That is just above the speed limit for a car in a school zone.

Greyhounds Can See Behind Them

Greyhounds have such thin heads that they can often see objects and people behind them.   What greyhounds often can’t see is how big they are and how they can knock small children over.  They don’t mean to do that.

Greyhounds Don’t Like to Sit and Most Don’t Like to Swim.

Charlie and Pippa didn’t like to sit.  I found out that this is because they have right muscles.  They just love to lie down.  They will stand or lie down. Some greyhounds like to swim, but most are not happy to splash in the water.


Next time you see a Greyhound bus, you can tell your friends that the company was named after a greyhound called “Lady Greyhound.”  This is her picture and it was taken nearly 60 years ago.  In the picture, you see a three-month-old puppy who was originally named Steverino.  Doesn’t she look very royal with her tiara and rhinestone collar.?

Have you Heard the words “Couch Potato.”   Sometimes, humans are called this when they just sit on a couch and watch television or play computer games for a long time.  Greyhounds are “couch potatoes.”

Rescue Greyhounds

It is sad, but many greyhounds are not wanted when they can no longer race.  There are many organizations that give a loving home to retired greyhounds.  When adopting any dog, there needs to be research done. Not every family is suitable for a greyhound.  They are big dogs and families with small children have to realize that little kids can get knocked over.  If a family does adopt a greyhound, they will be rewarded with a gentle giant!

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