Jun 052016
Doria Roberts "Perfect"

Doria Roberts “Perfect”

Let’s take a picture now
I do not want to forget
The way you look at me when everything is perfect
A perfect memory of when things are so good
And everything has worked out just the way we knew it would


I bought a picture frame
I made room on the wall
I hold you close to my chest
Cause I’ve made room in my heart
You ask me what I’m doing
I say displaying our love
see you when I awake cause you’re the one I’m dreaming of


I love the sun when it shines
I love the sky when it’s blue
I love the color green
Because it reminds me of you
I’ve been thinking about you all night
A warm bed and a cozy fire
You put your arms around me and lift my head
And when you kiss me baby oh yeah…

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