Jan 202015

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Trish and I are house-pet sitting on the island of Moorea (the sister island of Tahiti).  We will be on Moorea looking after a dog and a cat for the entire month of February, 2015.  Yes, we are very lucky.

Wherever we travel, Trish and I love to make friends and share experiences.  While we are two married lesbians from Canada, we are happy to make friends with straights, gays and lesbians.

If you are reading this and you live on either island, we would love to meet you.   Perhaps, you are travelling there and it would be nice to meet up for a coffee or drink.

We understand that while Polynesians/others on these islands are welcoming, they are not necessarily tolerant of open homosexuality.  Trish and I respect cultures and behave accordingly.  This does not mean that we are NOT proud to be lesbians, we are.  If directly asked if we are a couple, we will never deny it (unless it’s in a homophobic police station LOL).

We look forward to learning the culture and playing in the Pacific waves.  We want to learn how to cook local dishes.

We acknowledge that we are an extremely lucky lesbian couple.

Happy New Year, 2015 – and Moorea and Tahiti here we come.



                                        paula and trish

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