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P1000237Oct.3, 2013

Gettin Stuck Without a Ticket! 

On the way to Venice, we got behind a car with a Toll pass and had no ticket when we arrived in Venice.  Cars started to line up behind us and an automated voice issued instructions in Italian.  Cars beeped and then pulled backwards.  I pressed a button and a real Italian person spoke and instructed me to put 57 Euro ($77 USA).  I thought it was a penalty charge for being without a ticket, but later I discovered that it is very costly to travel on major toll highways.   The real voice repeated words in Italian and I kept responding with “Canadese” (Canadian).  The bar lifted and we drove on.  I am sure there will be a toll charge waiting for us when we return the car in Zurich.

Two Lesbians Dance in San Marco Square.


Trish and I dance in San Marco Square to the strains
of “Midnight” from the Album “Cats.”

San Marco square is huge and it’s surrounded by restaurants.  The evening was warm and tourists sat listening to a small orchestra while they sipped their drinks or ate an evening meal. Many took advantage of the slow music to dance.  When the song “Midnight” was being played, Trish and I got up and danced.  As we moved to the music, Renaissance figures looked down on us; it was magical.

Venice by Boat Transportation:

While people take a bus in most cities, the 280 ,000 inhabitants of Venice plus up to 60,000 daily tourists take the waterbus.  The Grand Canal is the most famous waterway. Every 10 hours, some 1,600 boats – including 700 taxis and 200 gondolas – pass under the Rialto Bridge alone.  Venice is built on a lagoon and there are 118 small islands. There are 400 gondolier


Many famous peopl born in Venice:  the playwright and famous lover Giacomo Casanova, the explorer Marco Polo, and composer Antonio Vivaldi.

Tragedy on a Gondola Ride

On August 17, 2013, a German Professor, Joachim Vogel, 50, on the Grand Canal near the famed Rialto Bridge while riding on a gondola with his wife and three children. His gondola collided with a large waterbus. Now, gondoliers must wear GPS tracking systems to avoid congestion. There are 400 gondoliers and only 3-4 new permits are issued each year.P1000198

A Few Extra Facts about Venice

Venice was named after the ancient Veneti people. The area wasn’t significantly settled until around the 5th century. Venice was the major Mediterranean maritime power in the 14th to 16th centuries.

Trish and I were lucky to visit Venice in October when there is a reduction of tourists.  It was quite crowded, nevertheless, but we both thought that it was an amazing visit.







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