Oct 152013



My wife Trish and I, boarded an Air Canada flight for Switzerland.  We have planned a house/pets sitting adventure that includes two destinations in France, a five week stay in Switzerland and then it’s off to New Zealand to do the same.   I will be blogging these travels together with other blogs and I am still in the process of putting my stories in e-book format that will be available from Apple, Amazon and other sites.

Hockey Scores and Frightened Traveller

On the plane, I jokingly asked the stewardess to have the Captain keep us informed of ice hockey scores.  Our Maple Leafs team were playing their opening game in Toronto.  Lucky for us, the Captain was a major fan and every now and again, a stewardess would whisper the score to us or give us a printed out ticker-tape of the game.

While Trish and I were having fun, an Indian woman from Mumbai was flying with her aged mother. I noticed that she was a Roman Catholic because she was saying her rosary.  The beads slipped through her finger.  I learned quickly that she was afraid of flying and when we hit turbulents, she grabbed my hand and almost cut off the blood supply.

 Fast Driving through World’s 3rd Longest TunnelGotthard_Road_Tunnel_Switzerland

Our rental car sped down the autobahn motorway with cars going at least 160 mph.  Switzerland is beautiful with its lakes and mountains and the road weaves its way through tunnels.  We drove through the  St. Gotthard road tunnel which is the third longest in the world (1st is in Norway, 2nd in China).  The St. Gottard tunnel is 16 km long.

 Milan and Kamikaze Scooters:

We settled down in Milan (Milano) to a much needed night’s sleep, but  when I closed my eyes, I could still see motorbikes and scooters coming  to the left and right of me.  These kamikaze drivers own the roads in Italy!  By the next day, I didn’t blink an eye as they veered left and right, and roundabout circles soon became second nature, as I became more aggressive -(but still safety-conscious.)

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