Apr 142015

Pam Bondi

Two divorces later and living with her present boyfriend, but NO to same-sex marriagePam Bondi has the nerve to deny same-sex marriages when four of her own ended in divorce.

Pam Bondi has the nerve to deny same-sex marriages when two of her own ended in divorce and she doesn’t see her marriage fiasco as leading to the “destruction of Florida families.”  On top of the two divorces are an extra three engagements.  The woman is struggling not only with marriage but with relationships in general and she is an “expert” when it comes to denying same-sex marriage stating it will bring destruction to the Florida public!
Ignorant Bigot

Marriage equality would “impose significant public harm” in Florida, Attorney General Pam Bondi claimed last year. Other public officials joined her in claiming that marriage bans are necessary for responsible procreation, and that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would lead to the destruction of Florida families.

But after a few months of marriage equality in the state, residents have somehow evaded their doom. A new survey from Public Policy Polling shows that 81 percent of voters say marriage equality has had either no impact or a positive impact on their lives.

Even among Republicans, 71 percent said marriage equality had either no impact or a positive impact on their lives, with 60 percent of those identifying as “very conservative” saying it’s had no impact or is positive. (Of that, only 3 percent of the “very conservatives” say the freedom to marry has been positive.)

It’s So Incredibly Stupid

15 years ago the Netherlands were the first country to legalize same-sex marriage and the “dykes” are still holding against the sea of controversy.  Actually, there isn’t any controversy, I just wanted to use the word “dykes.”  Five years later, Spain and Canada (2005) enacted same-sex marriage and even little New Zealand has a big heart when it comes to treating its citizens fairly.  Actually, New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote.

Oh, Those Liberals LOL

As you might expect, of those who consider themselves “very liberal,” 88 percent say it’s had no impact or is positive. And voters who supported Barack Obama in the last election are far more likely to say that marriage equality has affected them positively — 23 percent, compared to only 6 percent of those who supported Mitt Romney. Interestingly, 66 percent of both groups said that marriage equality has had no effect on them.

“Gay marriage becoming legal in Florida doesn’t seem to be doing anyone much harm,” wrote a PPP analyst. Imagine that. Pam Bondi is an ex Attorney General for Florida.  She has stayed out too long in the sun.   paula.

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