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Dear Reader:  Please bear with me if you see one more religious blog.  I am not obsessed with religion, but when it raises its ugly head against the LGBT community, I respond.  By writing this pastor’s name, I hope many will see the negative and hurtful ways of a preacher.   paula

Pastor Yang Tuck Young is like so many right-wing Christians, he misinterprets the Bible.  Sorry, but quoting Leviticus written 3,500 years ago – doesn’t cut it.   Back then, they started a fire by rubbing two flints together.  Would you go to a doctor practising medicine from this age – if you did, you would find him sitting in his Bedouin tent or in a cave.  Don’t ask him about cancer, heart transplants, or deaths in child birth.  Don’t ask him about genetics, either.

Pastor Young has mounted his soap box to condemn a fellow Christian, Pauline Ong,  who declared that she is happy to be both a Christian and lesbian.  But, the judging pastor cannot accept this.  He cannot even leave her to be judged by God -NO, he has to judge her.

Yang lambasts Pauline for coming forth as a gay believer, and describes gay Christians as being an oxymoron.

‘A homosexual Christian is an oxymoron. You cannot live a lifestyle that the Bible condemns and say you’re a believer in Jesus Christ at the same time,’ says Yang.

He further condemns Pauline’s story as ‘deceptive for untaught people.

‘Her misleading testimony represents an insidious attempt to corrupt, undermine, distort and confuse the basic tenets of our Christian faith,’ Yang continues.

‘Please read your Bible and don’t misquote it. I assure you that a practicing homosexual will not see the insides of heaven if they continue down this path.’

I read these unChristian comments and responded on Gay Star News and wrote to Pauline’s church:


This is in response to the Singapore pastor who states that you cannot be a Christian and be gay.  Well, I’m both, too.   This is what I wrote in Gay Star News.
Pastor needs to read Story of Good Samaritan. The Samaritans were outcasts and Jesus makes one the hero of the story of the priest and Levite that walked away from the injured man. They, like this Singapore pastor, know the Scriptures but do not have love in their hearts.
Pastor needs to read the Declation by the World Psychiatric Association (members from nearly 200 countries). It was sent to the U.N and world leaders (obviously did not reach this pastor) and it declares that since homosexuality cannot be reversed/changed, it is NOT a choice
I think that it also important to explain the Apostle’s Paul’s letters where he states “women had unnatural sex with other women.”
As you no doubt are aware, Paul was writing to new Christians who had given up pagan temple orgies to honour the goddess.  It was not uncommon for straight women (who would be in the majority) to have sex with other women.   Since they were straight – it was “unnatural” for them according to how they were born and it was just actions of lust outside of any commitment.
On my blog, I am educating gay Christians that do not know about the Story of the Good Samaritan and it’s message.   If we are to enter the kingdom, then we must love our neighbour and Christ is in each person we meet.
Hugs from a Canadian at present in Holland on vacation with my wife Trish, whom I married in Canada in 2006.

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