Mar 242015
Pastor Steven Anderson and family

Pastor Steven Anderson and family

Pastor Steven Anderson serves the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona.  His hateful sermons seem to indicate that he does not serve Jesus Christ.  “He that hates his brother is a murderer.” (Jesus).  He holds no college degree, whereas, most pastors have university degrees that lead to a M.Div (A master’s degree in divinity).  This is important because preachers with M.Div degrees study the historical backgrounds (amongst other things) and explore the ‘meanings’ of Biblical words in their Hebrew context and for the New Testament, in their Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek contexts.  He is proud that he has memorized 140 Chapters of the Bible, but does that mean he understand the contents.

Let’s take the Parable of the Good Samaritan – while Pastor Anderson may know it by heart – does he know the background history of the Jews relationship with Samaritans?  It is important because the hatred of Jews towards Samaritans has a bearing on why Jesus chose a Samaritan and not a Jew to be the hero of the Story of the Good Samaritan.  If Pastor Anderson does NOT know why the lawyer (Jew)  asked who his neighbour was…then the story is missed. Any Jew would NOT claim a Samaritan as a neighbour.  (In another part of the New Testament, Jesus drinks from the same cup as a Samaritan woman at the well – something that a Jew would never do.  (In fact, if a Jew accidentally made contact with a Samaritan, he had to go to the Temple and be cleansed by a priest).

For example, the Jews hated the Samaritans and found them ‘unclean’ and despised them.  The Samaritan helps the injured man while the two Jewish priests who knew the Law (even probably memorized it – had no love in their hearts).  Isn’t this just an example for Pastor Anderson to take note!.  Jesus clearly tells Anderson (and all of us) – “Do not Judge” and “Love One another as I Have loved you.”  It is not enough to memorize these words but to live them.  If Jesus wants the lawyer to be neighbour to the most despised of his day – then the message is to not despise anyone – homosexuals included!


Using Leviticus, Pastor Anderson states he wants to stone/execute homosexuals.  He sees in Chapter 14, ‘that a man laying with a man is an abomination.’    The Jews of Leviticus would stone any persons committing an abomination.

However, there is a problem.   If there are more people who are abominations and God states this in Leviticus, shouldn’t the pastor extend stoning/execution to these people.  Nowhere does it state in Leviticus that one abomination is more serious or less serious than another.

Here are the people in Levticus whom God calls abominations and furthermore states that they shall NOT enter HIS sanctuary:  The blind, the lame, men with injured penises (war victims?) men without testicles (testicular cancer?), dwarfs, people with less than perfect sight, people with flat noses, people with blemishes.  (Leviticus 21).

Now, he should be going after these and not singling out homosexuals.


Here is a link to the following interview

 P.S  On a radio interview, the interviewer told Pastor Anderson that he was a homosexual.

“I do not molest kids,” said the interview.  “Would you call me a liar.”

Pastor Anderson’s answer “Yes.”

and Pastor Anderson told the interviewer, “I hope you get cancer like Ted Kennedy.”

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