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Pastor Ed Young of Texas, gave a series of sermons directed towards celebrities .He decided that Jesus would have a different message for each person.   Ed Young is convinced that Jesus would tell Ellen that her show was great, but her life style displeased him.   Then,in his sermon, Ed snuck in a personal note about ellen. Since ellen was molested by a stepfather, she turned to comedy.  Was he implying, like so many “Christian” ministers, that she also turned to homosexuality.  I don’t want to give any more words to or about Ed. Young. He may think he’s ‘channeling’ Jesus. But, I do want you to know that Jesus did not speak those words to Ellen.  I know because I had a dream.

 Paula’s Jesus Dream:   AsTold by the Dreamer, so it has to be True!

In my dream, I imagined what Jesus would really say to Ellen.  I figure that if Jesus speaks to us all, then my interpretation should stand up, not only against Pastor Ed, but on its own.  Here is my dream.  Mine is a happy, loving dream.



I came part way into the conversation.  Ellen had Jesus rolling in the aisles with her jokes.  Then, she got serious and talked about Pastor Ed.  She read the pastor’s sermon. “Lord, are you really saying these things to me?”

Jesus took ellen’s hand.

“How could you think that I would ever hurt another human with my words?  Look, ellen,  Christianity is a broken-telephone-game.I started with simple things – all connected to love. A lawyer asked me how to get to Heaven and I gave him the Good Samaritan Parable. I literary took the most hated and most ‘unclean’ according to the religious authorities and made a hero of the Samaritan. I also told that learned lawyer (learned people often lack humility and wisdom) that all the Commandments and all scripture can be put into one sentence: Love God, Love Neighbour, and Love Yourself.”

Ellen replied, “Why are ministers judging homosexuals.  I thought you told everyone not to judge.”

“ellen, I tried to show love is superior to judging.  Look, I had John in his Gospel write three words, “God is Love.”  I couldn’t have him write anything simpler.  Look, when I walked the earth, it was a hostile and primitive time.  I used “Abba” to rid the Jews of the image of my Father as a fearful and vengeful God.  “Abba” it’s the word ‘daddy.’   In the Story of the Lost/Prodigal Son, I have the Father running towards the son.  Now, everyone knows that the father in the story is God the Father.  You should have seen the look on the faces of my listeners – a Jewish father was held in respect and the son should have run to him.  And remember the lost son was celebrated with a banquet.  How much more could I have said to show the love of my Father?”

Ellen shook her head.  “I guess a joke with these religious leaders was out of the question?”

Jesus laughed.  “Good one.  Most religious people are too busy being Bible bullies to laugh or enjoy others.  Bible Bullies get the same satisfaction as the school yard bully.  They smack and hit and call out names, but they hide their bullying in self-righteousness.  What me, a bully?  No way.  The Bible says this.   Ellen, they seldom use my parables or words of love towards their neighbour.  Bullying others is called “Calling them out,” and they rationalize that this “Calling Out” is for the sinner’s salvation.  ellen, when they quote the Leviticus abomination against homosexuals they fail to see the other abomination that says “Not to love” is an abomination.  And Paul wrote 2,000 years ago against the Temple Prostitution of Greece.  You can’t compare that to today’s homosexual relations of committed love and respect.  Heck, I bet Paul never knew a homosexual.  I know he was impressed when Sally Ryder, a lesbian, commanded that NASA space shuttle.

“I’m doing o.k  then, Jesus?”

” Ellen, on your show, would you start the telephone game again, and let’s not get it broken. Remember the answer to life’s problems and difficulties is LOVE.  Oh, and give my love to Portia.  You are examples of what a marriage should be.  And, never change your theme song, “Show a Little Love Today.”

“Thanks for clarifying your essential message, Jesus.”

“You’re welcome.  And I like your message at the end of the show, “be kind to one another.”   Maybe I should have used “kindness” instead of love.  Communication with humans can be difficult at the best of times.   How often did those religious authorities tell me that something was written….and how many times did I tell them,…Yes, it is written, but I tell you…

“It came down to love again, right Jesus.”

“Right, ellen.”

I woke up and the dream seems so REAL.  My heart and mind felt warm.   There is nothing like the TRUTH.th-27


i think it’s a rumour, but people tell me that lesbian, Lily Tomlin, got on the phone to that pastor, Ed Young in Texas and below might be one lesbian a little out of control LOL



It’s a lie, I don’t know THAT Pastor!

I think Jesus would laugh at these photos!


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