Jun 202015

The “Divorce Party” for Nick and Sarah Jensen is tentatively planned for September 1st, 2015 when tolerant Australians hope that the government will legalize gay marriage.   Over 157,000 people fought back at the Jensen’s on Facebook; many posting their same-sex weddings and families.11401564_10155780072705195_9011242296607280081_n

Straight people took on these religious bigots, too.  The Jensen’s have stated that they will “divorce” if gay marriage is passed, but it’s a divorce with a twist.  They will still live together, call each other husband and wife, have sex and have children.  According to Australian divorce laws – there has to be ‘grounds’ for divorce – and it will not be that you hate or your ‘conscience’ dislikes other marriages.

Here are some pictures put on the Divorce Party Facebook pages.




Two Popes - different as "chalk and cheese" or rancid and fresh

Two Popes – different as “chalk and cheese” or
rancid and fresh

Jurassic Pope

Jurassic Pope


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