Nov 232013

Gay Ol Paris!

imagesParis won the right to host the 2018 Gay Games beating out rival cities: Cologne, London and Limerick (Ireland). In 1982, the Gay Olmpics were launched, but complaints fromt he International Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Committe objected to the name rights.  LGBT then called it the Gay Games.

The Gay Games are organised along the lines of the Olympics and bring together around 15,000 athletes from across the globe, without any restrictions on competitors age, religion, nationality or indeed sexuality. The overall aim of the event is to fight against all forms of discrimination in the world of sport.

The 2014 edition – which is a sporting and cultural event – is being hosted by Cleveland and Akron in the United States.

The decision to hand to the Games to Paris ahead of London will be a shot in the arm for the French capital and came just a day after it was knocked off its perch as the “Besst City in the World” by its rival, London, across the English Channel. However, it is unlikely to make up for Paris’s disappointment when it lost out to London in hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.



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