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Unknown-21Paris was an exciting world, particularly if you were a rich lesbian.  The lesbian daughters of millionaires: Singer Sewing Company, Cunard Cruise Lines, bankers, railway owners, etc – lived in a way that the Greek poet Sappho would approve.  British aristocratic and married lesbians ran away with their female lovers to Paris.  Husbands chased them, but they would run away again.  It was just a ‘family matter’ and the aristocratic gay and lesbian gentry were very discreet.

Vita and Violet leave their husbands for Paris

Vita and Violet leave their husbands for Paris

In my lesbian ebook entitled “Jazz: Jet-Setting Carpenter” Here is a scene where Lady Fiona, a rich aristocrat and television journalist, plans to take Jazz on a pilgrimage to lesbian sites.  Paris will be their shrine and they will re-enact the lives of famous lesbians: Gertrude & Alice, Vita Sackville West, Natalie Barney, Colette and the niece of gay writer, Oscar Wilde.



Fiona peeked over the menu and whispered.


“Our first shrine will be to the scene of semi-naked dancers. I’m taking us back in time to relive gay Paris. We’ll pretend that we are living in 1890, the year the Moulin Rouge opened.”

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“Wow! I’m impressed.”

 Fiona opened her purse. “Read this.”

 Jazz glanced at a faded document,” permission de transvestissement.”

 “Permission to be a transvestite? My French is very bad.”

 “Close. Remember it’s 1890. If gays or lesbians wished to cross dress, they needed a police license. Lesbians often dressed in men’s clothing. Jazz, as my 1890 lover, you will wear a tuxedo to view a show at Moulin Rouge.’

 Jazz’s eyes opened wide. “We’re actually going to take in a show. I heard they were booked for months ahead.”

 “I’m working on that!” Fiona raised an eyebrow.

 “And what will you wear?”

 “I’ll wear the style of that era. I think I’ll choose a low-cut dress, very chic and very sexy for you.”

“I won’t be able to take my eyes off you.” Jazz felt her body tremor and heat fill her loins.

Fiona stared into Jazz’s wonderful dark eyes. Then, she laughed aloud.

“What’s so funny?”

“The Can-Can girls will get your attention. In those days, they performed shoulder-high kicks in split knickers.”

Jazz burst out laughing, “Ooh, la, la. That’s pretty raunchy for 1890?”

Fiona winked in a mischievous way.

“Darling, you don’t know the half of it. Money could satisfy a variety of appetites from courtesan sex with star performers, to an opium den. But for many, it was simply a night of intoxicating entertainment.”

Jazz mused. “A paradise for rich, dirty old men.”

Fiona responded, “And rich, dirty lesbians! If you looked at the audience you would find aristocrats, struggling artists, rich independent women, cross-dressing lesbians and cheating husbands in the company of mistresses.”


from: Jazz: Jet Setting Carpenter on ebook.  It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple ibooks, Kobo.  You may also want to read sections of my other two lesbian ebooks:  Jo of the Outback (Australia) and Lt. Dee: Army Nurse, Vietnam (1968 Vietnam War).  My fourth lesbian ebook will be completed in three months.  It is set in the southern U.S states an covers two generations of lesbians.  They struggle against the KKK and live their lives on plantations, Mississippi river boats, etc.

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