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Paula:  This article annoyed me.  As a young girl growing up, I loved boys’ toys.  I was a tomboy.  Thankfully, we mother bought boys’ toys for me.  This was unconditional love of a mother for her daughter.  Read on.   Just look at the beautiful little boy and his socks.

Scottish Parent is Deeply Offended.


A furious mum has written an open letter to a “narrow-minded” parent who mocked her three-year-old son for wearing pink love heart socks.

Shona Campbell, from Irvine, was left fuming after picking up her son, Harry, from the town’s Elderbank Nursery when another child and his mum laughed because he was wearing “girly” socks.

Shona, 31, told the Irvine Times: “Harry was wearing socks with pink love hearts on them because that’s what he likes. He chose them himself and I let him wear them.

“I was changing his shoes at nursery and another wee boy said to his mum ‘look mum he has pink, girly socks on’ and pointed and laughed and his mum said ‘oh yeah, they’re for girls’ and she laughed too.

“I couldn’t believe it. They were mocking him which absolutely broke my heart. His wee face looked hurt and confused like he didn’t understand why they would be laughing at him.”

Shona, of Bourtreehill in Irvine, says she has never forced her children to do anything they didn’t want to because of their sex and says she is shocked that other adults would treat a small child this way.

She said: “I felt devastated and very angry. What gives her the right to judge my wee boy because of what he’s wearing?

“She should have told her wee boy that it’s okay for boys and girls to wear whatever they want to if they like it, not encourage silly stereotypes.

“I don’t dictate to my children that because they are boys or girls that they should wear certain things.

“Harry loves the colour pink. He chose those socks himself.

“He loves dressing up in his sister’s tutus and fancy dress things. And we allow him because that’s who he is and he’s three-years-old with a big imagination. At Christmas he asked for a pram and we got him one because that’s the toy he wanted from Santa.

“I am not going to stifle that because narrow-minded people who are supposed to be adults, are going to talk about him. It’s disgusting.”

Since posting it on her Facebook page Shona’s letter has been shared more than 93,000 times and she has had messages from all over the world.

The mum-of-three told the Times: “The response has been unbelievable. I just had a bit of a rant on Facebook and now it’s reached people all over the world. It’s crazy.

“I even had a message from an old lady in America saying she was glad to see that I let Harry choose his own clothes and toys based on what he likes and not on his sex. The support has been incredible.”

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