Apr 302016

And so the days came to pass that the “Christian” state of North Carolina forgot the Lord’s message and His ways. And the evil bigots gathered together to do harm to the Lord’s transgendered persons and those born homosexual. They forgot the warning of Ezekiel: 16:49-50.

‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.  They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen.”

And Jesus spoke to the true flock reminding them that these ungodly Carolinianites were an abomination in their judgment of neighbor. And certain performers and financial companies of good will boycotted the state and the Lord ‘saw that this was good.’

And the Lord saw that Lucifer was gloating and happy that the state of North Carolina was divided – brother against brother – sister against sister. But the Lord knew that the majority of North Carolinians were good and he commanded that Lucifer listen to an incident that happened in Charlotte, North Carolina. And it came to pass that the unjust North Carolinian legislature passed Bill HB2 and the Pharistical Governor Pat McCrory signed it. Lucifer listened with a smile on his face – these bigots pick and choose Scriptures and any parable will be lost on them!

The Parable of Clement, the Good Carolinian

The Lord began:   A transgendered female was on the wrong street at the wrong time and fell into the hands of a mob. First they began to humiliate her with words, but she was a gentle person and ignored them. This angered the leader and he urged the others to investigate her garments. The woman fought back and this caused the mob to punch and kick her. When it looked like she was unable to move, they left her feeling the strength and bond of a mob. The woman managed to craw to the nearest female bathroom. Upon entry she was met with hostility. Angry fingers pointed at her and again a barrage of insults flew. One woman ran out to bring in the “Bathroom Police” to check her gender at birth. The transgendered woman attempted to climb up from the floor and bathe her wounds at a bathroom sink.

One self-righteous woman pulled her hand away from the sink and the strenght of that woman caused the beaten woman to collapse on the floor. “Do not help HIM!” the self-righteous woman yelled. “HE has defied the Lord’s creation.  He is an abomination.”

imagesBut a woman coming out of the bathroom stall rushed over to the transgendered woman.   She quickly tore off a large roll of paper toweling, wet it, and cradled the injured woman on her lap. With words of compassion and encouragement, she spoke. “My name is Clementine. I was christened with this name. My parents told me it means “merciful.” And she took the wet paper towel and washed the blood off the woman’s face. But the enraged woman shouted, “God does not like sin. She is an abomination.”

Clementine helped the woman to her feet. She then turned to the hateful woman.

“I refer you to Matthew 12:7. ‘If you had know what these words mean ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice, you would not have condemned the innocent. And I refer you to John 1: ‘God is love.”

And the lukewarm people looked away in shame. But the arrogant and hateful woman began to quote snatches of Scriptures full of fire and brimstone and eternal damnation.

Clementine put her arm around the woman and led her to the door. “I will drive you home. You can stay as long as you like or call friends to take you home. If you wish, I will send for a doctor.”

“Why?” The transgendered person asked?

Clementine opened the car door.

“You are my sister, you are my neighbor.”

And Lucifer slouched away blinded by the light that shone from Clementine’s heart.

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