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God deliver us from religious extremism!  Paola Binetti at prayer

God deliver us from religious extremism! Paola Binetti at prayer

Homophobic Italian Politics

It’s been a bad week for the homophobes and transphobes in Italy: first came the ruling by the European Court that Italy was breaching the Human Rights of gay couples by refusing them marriage or any other recognized form of union.

Then, on Monday, Italy’s Supreme Court leapfrogged their laws on gender recognition into global significance when they asserted the rights of trans individuals to self-determine their gender.

And while it’s not surprising the usual suspects have been declaring it the end of the world, one politician is on a crusade.

Italy gay map

Italy gay map

Paola Binetti – Right Wing Catholic (Member of Opus Dei)

Two Popes - different as "chalk and cheese" or rancid and fresh

Two Popes – different as “chalk and cheese” or
rancid and fresh

Paola Binetti, a representative of the Union of the Centre, has suggested same-sex marriage is unnecessary as gay people can just use the recent trans ruling to their advantage.

‘Why do we need to pass a law on civil unions for homosexual couples, and to engage in a lengthy semantic debate around what “marriage” means today?’ she has argued.

‘Why must we embark on a bitter parliamentary battle on the value of the family, to decide whether certain reforms will strengthen it or weaken it further?

‘It would be a complete waste of time: all debate has now been rendered void by the recent verdict of the Supreme Court in the case of the individual who has demanded the right to change sex without surgical intervention.’

Paola Binetti’s Hidden Agenda

This woman is very well-educated, but her membership is a secretive Catholic organization, Opus Dei, makes her statement understandable, if you knew the Opus Dei Mission.  To dialogue with Binetti would be equivalent to arguing with the Grim Reaper.  It is ironic that she is a specialist in psychiatry.  Twenty per cent of Opus Dei are celibate.  Paola Binetti has never been married.  Members are NOT required to chastise (modification) themselves, but Paola admits to wearing a cilice or spiked ball around her thigh for two hours a day.  The founder of Opus Dei celebrated “pain for Jesus,” (Jesus suffered on the cross and was beaten and whipped. Celibates like Paola, often live in special residential centers where they lead extremely structured lives— critics say this practice isolates its members from the rest of society and allows Opus Dei to have nearly total control over its members’ environments. Critics note that numeraries in Opus Dei generally submit all their incoming and outgoing mail to their superiors to read. They also point to a “Forbidden Books List” that details which books members are not allowed to read without the express permission of their superiors.  (No lesbian pornography for Paola and NO sex!)  No wonder the woman is neurotic!!!

 Binetti has written more than 200 articles and numerous volumes in the field of medical education.

Since 1991, she has been working at the Biomedical Campus of Rome, guiding the developments of medical faculty.


Her Homophobia and Ignorance on Television.

On 3 March 2007, during a show on the Italian La7 channel, Binetti said that gays and lesbians need medical care, maintaining that homosexuality is an illness.  This is against what modern psychiatrists are stating world-wide.

After the disbandment of the Parliament following the fall of the Prodi cabinet, she was re-elected in 2008 as a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

The Nutty Professor

Paola adds: ‘Sexual difference appears completely irrelevant. It is enough for an individual to claim not that they are a certain way or they look a certain way but merely they desire to be a certain way. Just present your documents, declare how you feel and how you want to be considered and the die is cast.

‘You can now marry legally and you can even adopt…That is the real meaning of the Supreme Court’s ruling, which in a single blow has thrown away centuries of tradition around sexual identity.

‘But why settle for a modest civil union if, when I go to register my new documents I feel in the mood for a full-on marriage? We need to get back to a basic concept of human nature, recovering the full value of sexual identity in its specific and inescapable difference and substance. Gender theory, despite desperate attempts to deny it, is stripping away all ambiguity from the message of Pirandello [an Italian playwright]: “you are what you think you are”.

‘At the same time, it makes it even more difficult to understand who we are and who is the person stood before us, for the simple reason that in place of factual objectivity you have put in its place a radical self-referentiality.

This represent all religions that believe in a loving and caring Creator and friend - sometimes called God

This represent all religions that believe in a loving and caring Creator and friend – sometimes called God

She concludes: ‘At this point everything becomes dramatically possible, even disorientation of the younger generation.’

Italy is now the only major Western European country with no civil unions or same-sex marriage laws, putting it in direct conflict with the European Court’s rulings on human rights.

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