Jul 122013

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The Daily Times of Pakistan and Dawn.Com censored by comments on their articles about Malala speaking freely at the United Nations on the basic human rights for female children to attend school.

My comments were that while I totally support Malala’s fight on a basic human right, I also think that sexual orientation is another fundamental human right.  I noted that while the Taliban attack schools and females wishing an education, lesbians are being brutalized world wide, too.  In South Africa, “corrective rape” is a daily occurence.  It is estimated that 60,000 rapes are carried out against women, children and the aged in South Africa.   Pakistan and other Islamic countries carry out “honour killings” against homosexuals.  There are 38 countries (I think) that has the death penalty for homosexual acts.

I cannot understand why the above newspapers would silence my comments.  My point was that no religion or custom should remove the human right to bonding with one’s own sex.  Homosexuality is as old as religion.  If these newspapers will not come to the support of the most vulneable citizens of Pakistan, namely gays and lesbians, then what has happened to freedom of the Press?

Will we need another Malala, bruised and raped, to stand before the United Nations before newspapers will do their jobs?

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