Mar 232017

Paula here.   Let’s face it, you or I could not park our car outside of Trump Tower.  There are security guards and police armed with automatic machine guns.  That orange bus, even though it has hateful transgender slogans, could be a terrorist bus in disguise!   Yet, Trump’s people and national security, allowed it to park.   It had Trump’s approval!  Now, Americans can claim “free speech” as part of their Constitution, but Trump could have denied the bus parking space.  He could have distanced himself – that is HIS Constitutional Right!

The NON – Jesus Bus

Instead of a bus with social slogans – peaceful slogans, this bus was bought and funded by Christians who hate their neighbour.

Wow, imagine if this bus had peace signs:  “Americans chose love over Hate.”      “Americans Care for the Poor.”   “Americans Equality and Justice for ALL.”

The Hate Bus

Their slogans – “Boys will always be  boys!”   “Girls will always be girls!”      Anyone with just ONE brain would know that this is not true – medically and scientifically.  But these same people will ignore the March 2016 declaration to the UN and world leaders written by the World Psychiatric Association.   This scientific body, composed of 182 countries, declared that since homosexuality cannot be reversed, it is therefore NOT A CHOICE.

Where are the priorities of these right-wing Christians.   Firstly, in my opinion, they are NOT Christians.   Jesus even chastised or warned his disciples to see him in EVERYONE.    He tells his disciples that they did not see him.   And when they are shocked, he replies that he was in the hungry, poor, prisoner, widow, orphan and the lonely and downtrodden.   He even used a Samaritan in the Parable of the Good Samaritan to show the HERO was an “unclean” outcast in Jewish society.  Now, that approximately  20 million will be taken off Medicare and have no health insurance – why are there not buses protesting this by “Christians.:”?

Good Samaritan – the outcast who loved more than the Jewish priests who walked by the man attacked by robbers

Jesus never dealt with the issue of transgender.   There are so many cases of children “knowing” at a very early age that their genitals do not fit who they are in their mind.   All I can conclude with is the shortest sentence in the Bible, “Jesus wept.:

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