Feb 152017

Dear Dr. Mohd Izwan Yusof:

As a Child of God, a lesbian and a Christian, I posted these comments on your Facebook page.  Perhaps, we can dialogue in the name of God, although we call him different names.  What we have in common, is a desire to “love God, love our neighbour and to love ourselves” and to enter God’s Kingdom.  What we don’t have in common is our view of homosexuality.  I am a homosexual.  I knew I was ‘different’ as a child of about ten years of age.  Later, as a teen, I had a name for it.  Please do not think me rude, but I know more about homosexuality that you, a doctor of Islam.  I live it.  You read about it from the Koran.  And therefore, I would suggest a different perspective, that one science on the subject of homosexuality.


In March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association, a scientific body comprising of 180 countries, wrote a declaration. This was addressed to the United Nations and all world leaders (so the President/Prime Minister of Malaysia received a copy). In the declartion, this scentific world body proclaimed what has been known for ages, that homosexuality CANNOT be reversed, prayed away, ignored. To force a gay man or woman to marry destorys his/her sense of self.  

I Cannot Believe God Made Me as a Test

Your video and or people in your organization state that God is giving a test to homosexuals.  In my opinion, this is an excuse for religious people to rid themselves of guilt. They know they have to love their neighbour and they know that the Bible and the Koran were written at a time when there was little scientific information.  If we are to take this arguement (like riding a horse) to its full conclusion, then God sends disease to people to test them.  However, God also sent along science so that a person with cancer can be cured by God’s grace through scientific knowledge.  Back in the days of the Bible and Koran, a person may have been told “This is a test or punishment, your disease will kill you!”

Scientific Knowledge – Do We Pick and Choose

Let me take a person suffering with cancer.  Today, we accept that chemotherapy was not known in the time of Moses or the Prophet Mohammed (Blessed be his name).  Yet, we welcome the science.  It is the same with open heart surgery, difficult chlld birth, lung and kidney implants.  But, in the matter of genetics or human sexuality, we either accept the holy scriptures verbatim, or we look at science.  In March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association, whose membership of 180 countries made a declaration to the United Nations and world leaders.  Why?  There are countries in the world that kill homosexuals, jail them, lash them and ostracize them – all in the name of religion!

This must greatly be an abomination to God!  The very essence of God is LOVE.

Why do we accept modern surgery, pharmacutical drugs, plastic surgery, artificial lames and yet, decry homosexuality?  

It is NOT a choice.  That is what this declaration stated in March 2016 by the World Psychiatric Association.   How do they know?  Well, scientists have not discovered a “gay gene.”  Science is evolving.   DNA is only a recent discovery and scientists are still trying to understand the functions of the brain.

What psychiatrists do know is that homosexuality has been in existence since the Dawn of Civilizaiton.  It has been in every country.   What scientists do know is that reversal therapy has not worked.   There was a Christian organization called EXODUS.  They tried for over 20 years to reverse homosexuality and failed.

There are exceptions and possible reasons why some homosexuals ‘change’ their sexuality.   The first question is do they really change from being homosexual to heterosexual?  There would have to be constant follow ups over a period of time.

  1. Homosexuals that fear God.  If a homosexual believes that the afterlife will be one of hell fire then he/she may change out of fear.  This person does not perceive God as a loving Creator, a Father to His children.
  1. Pressure of Families/Society

      What a terrible decision it must be to choose between your known sexual orientation and your family.   The pressures are enormous particularly for gay men to marry and have children.  It is the perception that being married and having children makes a person a man.   There are many sad stories of homosexuals being thrown out as an outcast from their homes and society.

3.  Self-Hatred

Religion is supposed to UP LIFT its followers and not DEGRADE THEM.  To tell a homosexual that they are sinners, unnatural, freaks – ungodly beings is to destroy their self-worth and dignity.  If these words penetrate a vulnerable, fragile being, then he/she may hate themselves.  Many suicides are a result of religious hatred/doctrines and family pressures.  Many homosexuals may withdraw into their psyche and “wish” or “pray away” who they are.  They may convince themselves that they have changed.  Is this what a loving God wants?  Look at the diversity in the world.

4. Bi-Sexuality

Some humans are so close to the Kinsey Scale that they register as bi-sexual.  This person would not suffer the grevious pain and suffering as an exclusive homosexual.

Their adaptation to society’s norms may be easier -but, there is no freedom or choice and that person becomes a robot.

5. Cheating or Playing the Game

Many years ago, I was at a women’s gathering.  There were 27 women and only 2 of us:

2:27 had never married a male partner.   If there are more young people “coming out” it is because society (overall) is more tolerant to sexual orientation.  They feel they have a choice to be who they are.   On the other hand, just as straight men cheat on their straight wives, homosexuals can play the same game.  If a gay man or woman feels that they have little choice in who they choose to love, they may submit to marrying the opposite sex.  The gay men will have more opportunities to meet other gay men outside of the marriage.  Is this what religious clerics/scholars/families want?  Gay women (lesbians) will have less freedom and may simply devote their lives to their children.

What a horrible way to treat God’s children – to force someone to go against their nature. To force someone to love someone that they are not attracted to in the first place.  Gay men may produce kids and parents may lie to themselves, “See our son was NOT gay, he has produced kids.”  Producing kids may in fact take the pressure off the gay husband who can then have relationships with other gay men.  But really, what a trade off.  We are asking humans to give up finding their person of choice to love and be with.

6. Stop Reducing Homosexuality to Sex

Heterosexual couples do not have constant sexual relationships.  Marriage is bonding.

How wonderful for a heterosexual couple to plan trips, buy furniture, cry on each other’s shoulders when things go wrong.  This is what gay relationships are about.  If given the chance gays and lesbians want to commit to permanent relatioships.  This is borne out by the large number of gay marriages in countries that allow for such commitment.

7. Are Humans Created in God’s Image and Likeness?

I, as a Christian lesbian, believe that humans are created in the image and likeness of God.  Yet, humans are being asked to be ‘created in the image and likeness of religion.’

One of the greatest gifts of God is freedom.  Homosexuality does not hurt society.  Countries in Europe that have no laws against homosexuals are flourishing.  Homosexuaity is not connected to the molestation of children or beastiality.  This has been pointed out by psychatrists.   Some of the greatest human beings have been homosexuals.  Sally Ride, a gay woman, commanded a space shuttle for NASA.  In every field of endeavour – homosexuals have contributed to society: science, medicine, art, literature, mathematics, dance, theatre, poetry, engineering, inventions, etc. etc.

I end this opinion piece with 

May God bless you and all those who come under your influence.

God is great.


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