Jun 052013

Rev. Fr. Lokodo, Minister of Ethics, Uganda

Dear Father Lokodo:

Greetings to you as my brother in Christ, and as an ordained priest in my Roman Catholic Church.

Father Lokodo, please treat this email as a private letter; a letter from my soul, and not a challenge or interference in Uganda politics.

Father, I am a  retired teacher.  I spent 34 years teaching the love of Jesus in a Roman Catholic High School.  I was privileged to teach theology and to teach it according to the Roman Catholic faith.I knew from the age of about ten years old, that I was attracted to women.  At the University of Toronto, I was a daily communicant (and I was still attracted to women).  For me, I had a choice,remain celibate and carry my cross, or to love another person, not only intimately but in a loving relationship.  I prayed and prayed and read and read.  I was not alone, many lesbians faced the same dilemma, to love in an honest way, or let a 5,000 year old Leviticus text prevent my ‘natural’ way.  AT 37 years of age, I found love with another woman (not lust, not immorality, but love).  We have been together fifteen God-filled-with-love years.

Father, I am not trying to change your views, but just to let you know that so many of us are not choosing to be immoral, but to love.  When God our Father stated that it was not right “for man to be alone.”  I think he was referring to the larger picture of mankind.Father Lokodo, my pursuit to live in the unconditional spirit of a loving Jesus,made me search the Gospels and my soul.   I looked at each incident where Jesus told the religious authorities, “You say that it is written, but I tell you….”

Each time, Jesus evoked the “spirit” not the  “letter” of the Law.

I looked at the Samaritans, and as you know, Father, even the shadow of a Samaritan passing over the shadow of a Jew, required the Jew to go to the Temple for purification.   Yet, Jesus, took the MOST DESPISED and elevated them as PRECIOUS and LOVED by HIM.  He had one “The Good Samaritan”
(parable) and drank from the same cup as the Samaritan woman.



(Examples for readers: man beaten.  Samaritan man rescues him.  Jesus message: ” Love Your Neighbour”) The parable told by Jesus, was in response to a lawyer asking “Who is my Neighbour?”  If we asked Jesus this question today, would He tell the Parable of the Good Homosexual?
Dear Father Lokodo, we must all review and revise at times, how we see God as the world presents each of us, individually, with challenges.   We all ask, is “my” God, a God of unconditional love for all, or a judge who uses Holy Books to punish? Must Jesus call from the heavens, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”
(Ref. to St. Paul’s conversion when Saul was persecuting Christians)


Father, I was born a homosexual.   I will die a homosexual.   I will meet my God, and I will enter the kingdom, not through any words or actions I may have done on earth, but because my Father/Mother God will not turn me away.
I cannot say with 100% certainty that I trust ANYONE on this earth, but I can say with 100% certainty that I trust my God, and my God delights in me.

May God bless you, Father Lokodo.   You were called to be His priest and I pray for you.  You have a position of power, and as the Bible tells us:
To whom much is given, much is expected, and I pray for this heavy task that you bear.   God is Love (John 1) and this unites us both.

Paula Key

P.S.On your website you write that your ministry’s mission is  “to uphold moral values and principles,”  I would like to add, that I, too, uphold moral values and principles, and I know many homosexuals do, too.
Yes, there are homosexuals who chose to do otherwise, but it is the same with heterosexuals, too!   It is un fair to state homosexuals do not have moral values or principles.  This is a judgment and Jesus tells us not to do this.

You have accused homosexuals of raping children…I would like to see the statistics on this.   In an interview with British Broadcaster, Stephen Fry, you were asked why you did not pursue the raping of female girls by heterosexual men and instead focused on the rapes of homosexual men with children.  You stated that the raping of female girls by heterosexual men was “normal” I presume you meant “more normal” than rapes by homosexuals.  Rape is rape.

My last point.  How influenced were you by the visits of USA Evangelical clergy, Rev. Lively and Rev. Rick Warren.  As you know, their workshops blaming homosexuals for threatening family life, lead to a bill to “Hang Homosexuals” being introduced in your parliament. And then the newspaper, Rolling Stone” added that heading and pictures of homosexuals.  One of those, men exposed in the newspaper, David Kato, was subsequently murdered in his home.  Where is the love of God in Uganda?

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