Feb 112014

Netherlands -Well Done!

Twenty-three-year-old Robin Ras, a Dutch game developer and owner ofGamesOnly.com, has found a unique way of protesting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay policies. With the Winter Olympics in full swing at Sochi, Ras thought the best way to make a statement about the country’s deplorable treatment of gays was to create a protest game.

The game is called “Putin’s Olympic Game,” and puts the macho Russian leader in a very “gay friendly” figure skating competition at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi against two other male competitors. Putin, dressed in a pink ballerina outfit, skates for the gold medal while the backdrop behind him features rainbow flags. The game also features objects that Putin needs to avoid during the competition such as a Pussy Riot mask, and a framed picture of German leader Angela Merkel.

“After all complaints about the Russia’s Anti-Gay Law, right before the Olympic games, we immediately had the idea of making a game out of protest,” said Robin Ras. “In this game we portrayed Putin as a extremely gay friendly and that appeals to a large group of people.”

“Figure skating at the Olympic Games in Sochi has all ingredients to create a light-hearted game on this sensitive issue,” Ras added.

You can check out the game on GamesOnly, or watch a video on YouTube. The game is freely available.

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