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The Shipping Line:

25 YEARS mostly on Holland America cruise line.


What is covered?   All food, including room service and all tips.

Alcohol and bottled water are extra.



Some ships, such as MS Ryndam, can accommodate 1200 passengers.

This ship has three swimming pools, a gym and spa, two nice sit-down restaurants and one buffet.  In the evening, passengers can chose to go to several bars, a casino or a concert hall.


What are Typical Destinations?   Cruises can leave from Tampa, Fl and travel down to Key West, a favourite gay-friendly place, just 90 miles away from Cuba by sea.  Most passengers book a trolley tour of gay Key West to catch a glimpse of homes belong to famous people, or chose to swim and bathe on the beach.


A Western Caribbean cruise will leave from Belize with opportunities to snorkel along the second longest barrier reef in the world (after Australia’s barrier reef).  Many ports of call have opportunities to ride jeeps, tube down rivers, Kayak or scuba dive.  If sports is not your thing, you can lay on the beach or go shopping.


Goodwill Excursions:  Olivia Cruises are filled with wonderful opportunities to drop off supplies, toys and educational gifts to local



Gay Entertainment

Passengers will be treated to a top notch group of performing gay artists: musicians, comedians, performance acts, and pop-in celebrities.  Actors from the L-Word have made appearances.


Comedians Vickie Shaw, Dana Goldberg, Karen Williams, Julie Goldman (from the Big Gay Sketch Show) and Elvira Kurt put on fantastic shows. All of them drew some of their comedy from things that were happening on the ship and that added to the appeal.

Are you familiar with these names: Vicci Martinex, Julie Wolf, Wau Wau sisters, Indigo Girls, Kate Clinton, Cris Williamson?  All have made appearances on cruises.


Solo, Couples, Groups: How will You Travel?

Everyone is welcome, regardless of race or religion or colour. On some trips, solos can account for as many as 200 single lesbians.  Solos will often dine together and take excursions together.  Meeting again at a dance is an opportunity to dance with people you have met before.


I have never been on a cruise, but when I do book, it will be on an Olivia Cruise.









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