Apr 292017

Older women have to see themselves as beautiful and feel inside that they are gorgeous (Credit: Harry Were/Lonely Lingerie)



If you are an older lesbian or straight woman this will be a happy article of what you already knew – females are beautiful regardless of age.

New Zealand Sets the Bar Higher

We can praise this beautiful country for being a leader in the world.  This was the first country to give women the vote.  It has marriage equality (wake up Australia). You probably have seen the “Calendar Girls” from England that posed naked with discretion for cancer causes.  Now, New Zealand has 56-year-old Mercy Brewer, a former supermodel who hails from Scotland, is making big waves as the star of the New Zealand intimates label Lonely Lingerie‘s Fall 2017 campaign.  Look at her with those laced edges on her bra.   Sexy! Sexy!  She is a work of art.   In fact, every woman is a work of art.  We just have to ignore those skinny models and know, that behind many of them, are serious eating disorders.

Older Lesbians Can Define How They Look

Younger lesbians may not be fully aware of how older lesbians defined themselves.   Look back to just 60 years ago.  In Europe and North America, many lesbians fell into the “butch” and “fem” role.   The butches often wore men’s clothing complete with ties and masculine shoes.  If the butch downplayed the role – she would become a little more feminine for a reason.  This would occur mostly when the two women joined two gay men and went dancing.  They set out to look like two heterosexual couples.

Cris Williamson, the singer (and one of the founders of Oliver records) stunned New York in the 1970s, when she and Meg Christian took over Carnegie Hall.  They both wore tuxes.   In fact, most of the women in the audience wore tuxes.  W

Fast Forward to Toronto and the University of Toronto.  Sometime in the 1980s/1990, Cris Williamson came out in a long skirt and some of the audience bowed her.   Then ellen came out along with other lesbians.   ellen’s spouse, Portia, wears dresses most of the time.  Around this time, a local female pastor at a MCC church in Toronto, would wear masculine outfits followed by feminine outfits.  She taught us not to label.  This switch from masculine to feminine outfits must have been a challenge to lesbians in self-designated roles.

Free to Be YOU – 

Basically, what I am saying is that there are additions to the word and definition of “Lesbian.”  Ruby Rose (Australian beauty) and  on the Orange is the New Black series, speaks about “fluidity.”  Over the years, I have known many lesbian couples that share make up and are very feminine.


Now, there is intimate lingerie.    Work that one out for yourself.


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