Jan 102016
If gay men were staring they were probably wanting to recommend a good barber for that "out of control" beard.

If gay men were staring they were probably wanting to recommend a good barber for that “out of control” beard.

A man in Columbus, Ohio has been convicted for ethnic intimidation after making threats and harassing a gay man at his fitness club.  Basically, this 41 year old jerk rushed towards a gay man on a thread mill who was listening to his ipod.  He yelled all sorts of remarks basically saying that he wished the gym would keep away all fags – because – they were looking at him naked in the shower.

His defense lawyer (a woman) stated that her client felt intimidated by gay men and their staring at her client.

When Smith, 41, was informed by email that his membership had been terminated, he responded with two brief e-mails filled with profanity and gay slurs.

He had also gone to the gym on two different days during the last week of August threatening to ‘shoot up’ the gym if it did not ban gay members.  The number was not mentioned.

Michael D. Smith, 41, was arrested after he got off his treadmill and charged at a man he perceived to be gay. Smith launched into a rant about not being able to go into the locker room “because all the fags are in there” and said “he wished he could kill all the gays,” according to a report from The Columbus Dispatch.

This made me comment on “Gay Star News” as  follows:

Oh, Yes – Everytime I drive pass women (I have no idea if they are gay/straight or bi) I yell out – “Take your clothes off, honey.” Now, my wife is sitting next to me in the car, but she is yelling ‘come on’ invitations out her side of the window. We have ruled out therapy figuring out that as lesbians, we cannot constrain ourselves and that we have every right to express our sexual needs outright – honest – in the public – 24/7. We gave us having sex on our front lawn when parents complained and – rats! there is a law against it! We wanted to fight it on the grounds that all gays are out of control sexually – and we feel that we have a right to stare and make comments towards any naked woman at the gym.

Oh, if you are a straight – right-wing homophobe, please note that I’m joking and do not cut and paste it for your church magazine. LOL.  paula key

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