Oct 042013


There is a universal misconception that a female dressed in a skirt and donning makeup cannot be a lesbian.  Everyone recognizes Portia (Di Rossi) De Generes NOW as a lesbian and wife of ellen, but she easily blended unnoticed as a lesbian in Hollywood because of her femininity.

Unlike ellen who will never be seen in a skirt/dress, Portia continues to wear high-heels, dresses and feminine beauty attachments.

Let’s visit France where Portia finds her counterpart in Océan Rose Marie, originally a singer, who decided to write and state her show, “The Invisible Lesbian.”  Océane started her one-woman show in a small Parisian theatre in 2009.   The show was so successful that she performed to sold-out audiences.

Canadian audiences can see her show in Quebec. Océan has taken her show on the road to small cities throughout Europe.  As a singer she has recorded two albums: Don Juan and then  “I’m Not That Out!”

As lesbians, it is wonderful to know that our sisters are successful in all parts of the world.  We pause to think about our suffering and oppressed sisters and send them our love and support.  Thank you, Océan, for giving us wisdom and laughter.

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