Jun 102013

Michele Kobke (24), is trying to beat USA woman by achieving
a 15 inch waist, while ignoring health issues

When an object, namely a corset, becomes part of a person’s life, I would say that person has serious problems.  A 24- year -old German woman uses corsets to produce a dream 15 inch waist that makes her look like an hour glass.

Can you imagine wearing a tight fighting corset for 24 hours a day? And, she did this for three years.

Her goal is to break the current record for an adult with a small waist held by a Connecticut (USA) woman, Cathie Jung.  It is a practice known as tight-lacing and enthusiasts wear corsets to drastically change their natural body.  Facebook and YouTube make celebrities of these women.

Kobke admits that her quest has already brought her health issues.  Her doctor has diagnosed her with some muscle atrophy from wearing a corset  24 hours a day.  Kobke ignores health issues and admits that she cannot just quit because this has become an obsession.

Family members have tried to help her by pointing out health issues, but Kolbe justifies it (stupidly if you ask me) by stating that smoking and drinking alcohol also abuses human bodies.

There have also been articles about women trying to lose weight after the birth of a baby.  Many of these women have used corsets to burn off ‘baby fat.’

The idea of any person becoming so obsessed with their body image is unhealthy.  Yes, we all want to look healthy and in shape, but a healthy diet, exercise and patience, will achieve the goal.  Obsessions are unhealthy and the owners should seek professional help.


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