Apr 242016
The ACLU speaks out

“Beverly and Kelly deserve to feel secure in knowing that when they go about their daily lives in Charlotte and interact with businesses open to the public, any discrimination they encounter is illegal. HB2 robs them of that,” Chris Brook, legal director of the ACLU of North Carolina, said in a statement. “This law gives people the green light to discriminate against LGBT people and sends a daily message that LGBT people across the state are not worthy of dignity and respect.”



Passed in response to Charlotte enacting discrimination protections for LGBT people, HB 2 rescinded Charlotte’s ordinance, banned all LGBT-inclusive municipal protections, mandated transgender people use restrooms that correspond with their birth certificate instead of their gender identity, and made it difficult to file a discrimination claim within the state.


And where do gays and lesbians originate – from straight couples!  Enjoy this Australian Ad.

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