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 images-13 images-12North Carolina Passes Anti-LGBT Laws – March, 2016

Let’s face it, when there are anti-LGBTI laws passed, you can bet that behind them are fundamentalist Christians.  These are the folks that would prefer to read a 3,500 year old book (Leviticus)  then look at modern scientific/medical data.  Let’s look at the writer of Leviticus.  He lived in a tent or cave and started a fire by flint on flint or rubbing two sticks together.  He had little knowledge of the brain, heart or the human body.  He recognized homosexuality, but tribes needed children, lots of them – and – most men were given many wives to ensure the strength of the tribe!  Naturally, he had to tell these homosexuals that they were ‘sinners’ or abominations in the eyes of God!


3500 Year Book or Modern Science?

I just want to comment that the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in March, 2016 issued a statement to the world about LGBTI discrimination. Basically, it says that scientists world wide consider homosexuality a different and valid form of sexuality. Homosexuality is not a perversion or mental illness and since it cannot be reversed, it is NOT a choice. It encourages people to look at scientific evidence rather than to look at Leviticus (3,500 year old). When St. Paul writes about ‘abnormal’ sexual activities, he is asking new Christians in Greece to avoid temple prostitution where people born straight do not engage in same sex – that is ‘abnormal.’ Greeks thought that sex of all types pleased the temple goddess. I am mentioning this, because so many Christians do not know the historical context of many Biblical quotes. However, we are told not to judge others and to love others (Jesus’ words).

I Will Be Boycotting North Carolinaimages-3

Many companies are pulling out of a state that does NOT provide protection in housing, jobs and services to LGBTI persons.   The pressure needs to be placed on this homophobic state.

Finally, I will refer all these “Christian” persons that agree with these hateful laws to read the Story of the Good Samaritan.  Jesus tells the lawyer that if he wants to enter the Kingdom, he has to love his neighbor. Not wanting to love ‘the unclean’ (lepers, prostitutes, Samaritans), Jesus tells the story.  At its conclusion, it is the Samaritan, the most despised that is placed as hero over the religious priest and the Jewish Levite.


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