Aug 212017

Yes, the ‘big kid’ in the W.H had to ignore the advice of scientists and ordinary common sense human being!

President Donald Trump took in the solar eclipse from the White House balcony, first looking up at the phenomenon without the necessary glasses to protect his eyes as an aide shouted: “Don’t look.”

Trump had solar eclipses glasses but initially neglected to wear them as he squinted at the sun with wife Melania and son Barron by his side.  Notice, that Melania wore sunglasses and young Barron didn’t know whether to copy man or follow his stupid dad.

It would appear that Trump was daring the sun to eclipse HIM!

Obama certainly out shines Trump

According to the White House pool report, an aide warned “don’t look” at the president as he gestured toward the sun. Moments later, as the peak of the eclipse approached, Trump put on protective eyewear.

Looking directly at the sun can cause permanent eye damage, the symptoms of which can take a few days to show up. Those include “dim” sight, loss of central vision, distorted vision, altered colour vision and aftered images.

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