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If a Nigerian Lesbian Should Be So Stupid as to “Come Out.”

This is an account from an anonymous player:

“Here’s what might happen to a [Nigerian] player who comes out and says, ‘I’m gay’: You barely can go home anymore,” the Nigerian said. “Even if you have a couple people in your family who say, ‘Don’t worry, we like you and trust you,’ we are still communal at heart. So now your parents, your brothers and sisters are going to go back to the village, and people are going to point at them and make snide stories and talk. Your family gets put into songs. That’s the kind of stigma attached to being gay in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s law: 14 years in prison for being gay.  Naturally, there are NO LESBIANS on Nigeria’s National team!  LOL

BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN – Dilichukwu Onyedinma,

Dilichukwu Onyedinma the face of bigotry

Dilichukwu Onyedinma the face of bigotry and hatred.  Have you any idea how much pain you  are inflicting on a child of God?

Dilichukwu Onyedinma, who’s currently the head of the Nigerian women’s soccer league and an official in the Nigerian soccer federation is clear:

“We don’t tolerate lesbianism, and we always discuss it whenever we meet,” Onyedinma told a Nigerian paper. We always warn clubs and club chairmen to please tell their players to desist from it, because any player that we pick for national competitions, and we hear a little story that is involved in that, we disqualify the player.”

I NEVER SAID IT….. (You claim to be moral with regard to homosexuality – yet you lie (which in the Bible is an abomination – see Leviticus.)

When her quote was first publicized, Onyedinma denied that she had said it. But the Nigerian paper then posted a recording of her saying it on YouTube.

Long History of Homophobia.

In July 2011, FIFA criticised Eucharia Uche, the former coach of the Nigerian women’s football team after she said she had forced out lesbian players.

Uche reportedly said that being gay “was “morally very wrong” and “a dirty issue” and claimed that she had taken steps to stamp it out in the squad.

Paula’s final comment:  In this homophobic atmosphere, HOW MANY FEMALE FOOTBAL PLAYERS ARE GOING TO ADMIT THAT THEY ARE LESBIANS?   And if the Chair is truly homophobic, then she is an immoral person based on the Charter of the UN to honor sexual orientation as a basic human right!

To FIFA:  You state that you will not tolerate racism and it’s true that in the past you banned South Africa when apartheid was rampant.

But……you tolerate or turn a blind eye to homophobia?

Ban Nigeria’s men and women’s teams NOW…put integrity and justice over money.    paula 2015

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