Oct 162013

justus-2-mogekwu-delta-oshobeLGBT persons in Nigeria have NOT asked for same sex marriage, but Anglican Bishop Justus Mogekwu has urged the President of Nigeria to sign the “Jaill All the Gays Bills” before, in his words, “gay marriage makes the world end.”

The bill bans same-sex marriage, outlaws anyone from forming organizations supporting gay rights, and sets up prison terms of up to 14 years for gay and bisexual people, whether or not they have had sex.

Anybody who knows somebody who is gay will have to tell the authorities or they could go to jail for five years themselves.

It was approved by Nigeria’s Senate in 2011 and by the House of Representatives in May this year and needs Jonathan’s sign-off to become law.

Federal law in Nigeria already provides for 14-year prison sentences for homosexual activity.

Bishop Mogekwu has obviously not really understood the Parable of the Good Samaritan where when a lawyer asked Jesus how to enter heaven, he said, “Love God, Love neighbor and love self.”  The lawyer asked “who is my neighbor” and Jesus told the story.  In the story a man is beaten up by thieves and left to die by the roadside.  A Jewish priest (who knows the Law/Old Testament/Torah by heart, passes by.  So does another priest.  They knew the Scriptures but they did not know the love of God.  Then, Jesus introduces a Samaritan, the most despised of society.  If the shadow of a Samaritan passed over the shadow of  a Jew, that Jew had to go to the Temple for purification.  Imagine the audience’s surprise when Jesus has the Samaritan put the man on his donkey and pay for him in an inn/hotel to get better.

Bishop Mogekwu should also know the words of Jesus when he lashed out at the Pharisees and all bible thumping ministers.  He called them ‘white tombs’ looking nice and holy outside, but inside (their hearts) they were rotting away.

Bishop Mogekwu should be made aware that Psychiatrists world wide have stated that homosexuality is NOT  a) a disease  b) a mental illness c) or perversion – and –this scientific body of institutions from Australia, Britain, Europe, China, India, New Zealand, United Nations Health organization of South and Central America plus 41 Carribbean nations, all, all, state that homosexuality CANNOT be reversed or change, thereby abolishing the argument that homosexuality is a choice, it is clearly NOT a choice.  And to punish and imprison homosexuals, who in accordance with the United Nations Charter of Rights and Freedoms, have a right to sex and a right not to be harassed because of their sexual orientation.

No religion or culture has the right to remove “God-given” human rights.

The Bishop needs to write out the words of Jesus and then to live them.

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